Targeting Pods in AirRB, spot enemies 20km out, yay on nay?

I personally would like it to stay in the game it adds variety to the stale gameplay, helps foster teamwork, and can hurry matches up a bit by helping you find that one bot or afk.

And it’s a rather illogical change IMO, you strap a high power camera to your plane and it just can’t be of any use?

I really don’t like how Gaijin just goes ahead and decides to remove it without any consultation of players on the forum or wherever.

  • Leave it in
  • Remove it
  • Change it, make it better
  • Change it, nerf it
  • Change it, does something else entirely, i.e. can keep 1 plane spotted within 20km

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It’s an unnecessary gimmick.

Do you or have you used it?

its a dumb unfair thing. its a very good thing that they removed it.

If someone wants to add weight and drag to their plane to spot enemies sooner when spotting in ARB is already wildly generous, then who cares?

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Especially as the spotting system is janky AF

I never got around to trying it in a live match but imo it would definitely have improved the life of some rather PoS aircraft in game which would give them a slight edge in theory eg the Q-5L which is a rather pooe aircraft in ARB ntm it would help improve the stale nature of the mode.

But even than be an advance radar set or a targeting pod if there only one player left on your adversaries team 90% of players just pop a stinking order the millisecond a second last player is shot down so the pod loses out on effectiveness due to those poxy things anyway.

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Should done that long ago now I can also see Pantsir 20KM aways and know how to attack them earlier

He’s talking about air rb not ground


what exactly changed to limit this?

Wait, what did they change?

I quite frequently use T-pods in SB to ID targets further out, like in the Gr7 or Gr1. Have they just nerfed that/removed that?

In the datamines its something like view distance K true or false

And the patch notes say:
A bug where looking through targeting optics, such as target designation pods, enemy markers could be detected at distances exceeding the enemy marker detection capabilities and crew skills has been fixed.

And @Morvran

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I’ll have a play tomorrow, see if i notice anything significantly different when using TIALD for VID. Not that a gen 1 pod is brilliant at that in the first place, but its the best ive got

That sounds like a good fix to me. You can still spot enemy aircraft you just have to actually spot them.