Tanks in BR 10.3

is 10.3 really 10.3 or is it just a false rank saying oh hey your in 11.0 BR ranks.
why cant they just make the ranks easy just reg 1.0-11.0 why even add the .3’s or the .7 its just a way of saying that your no longer in the right BR rank for the RB

10.3 is actually 10.3.
With the horde of premiums right now, even 11.3 is getting pulled to 10.3, i can’t imagine what the poor 9.3’s face when they get uptiered.

No worries, here is:


what unholy concoction of a lineup is that?

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Basically USSR 9.3…

The summer sale is still ongoing, and numerous players have purchased Clickbait and other high-tier MBT packs like Type90B or T-80 UE1. This has had a profound impact on those still playing at 10.3, as it increases the challenges they face against higher-tier tanks.

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