Tanks explosion near me

Hi there!

I am wondering why the “freshly” destroyed tanks explode, when you are the first who comes closer to them.
For example, the case. I have destroyed an enemy vehicles, and campering near by. Whenever someone comes closer to that tank, I hear and see the explosion of that tank. It gives me a hint that there is one more tank nearby. Isn’t it logical to explode tank whenever it is destroyed immediately? I think this is a bag.

Sometimes they do. As in catastrophic ammo detonations.

However, destroyed tanks don’t “explode” when a player moves near them. IIRC, according to theories I’m seen, a wreck will “explode” as in you get a explosion, fireball, and then stops burning, when that player respawns a new vehicle. Which is useful info itself.
Or… the game just wants to save resources and doesn’t want to keep showing fire animations.

Idk, could be. What I have seen so far, the destroyed tanks often exploded with that animation, when I am passing by, or someone else. Sometimes annoying

Its just coincidence.