Tanks don't render over long distances

I am posting this, because i am having problems rendering in long range/ I cant see the tanks when I’m inside the cockpit of my SU-25 , I can only see the smokes from afar, I already tested it with a friend in custom battles, they only render when I’m too close to them, I’ve already tested several graphics settings and I couldn’t solve the problem, I need help because I don’t know if it’s a bug or if the game is supposed to be like this, this greatly affects the effectiveness of the planes in simulator battles.

these are my graphics settings and pilot training:

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Sent the bug report 2 months ago (with other planes 4 months ago )


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working as intended :)

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I have this same issue myself. Ground vehicles dont render at all until around 700 mts and aircraft have a blurred silhouete instead of a clear model. You can see fine through the sides of the cockpit while free looking but the front has this issue

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Its fixed!! Working good after todays update. Thanks

Well, I’m not convinced.

Got killed yesterday by convoy SPAA that in my Maverick’s sensor only showed the top of the radar dish over ground and could not be locked as it was underground. Tank however was visually nicely visible properly on the ground.

Hope they have not fixed something and bugged something else at the same time… = (

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This bug is back since major update “Seek and destroy”. Tested on Su-25 and Super Etendard.
Also planes against clouds dont render fully and become harder to spot.

I have found the graphics have really taken a nose dive lately I was shocked at how bad they were last night ,almost 8 bit : ) I am on X Box X and I was blown away initially with how good the game looked but its terrible lately ,species the trees and forests,failing to render…