Tanks battles need more fight

i think this game has a very solid base. however i do not like how 80% of the time I’m am 1 shot in a medium tank… i can understand being ammo racked, but it happens way too often and its really not fun. there no interesting fight its just whoever gets the first shot off. id like to see more ricochet and mor non penetrations. maybe more de-tracking but its always 1 shot and i cant drive or one shot and i cant shoot then if i survive i have a 40 second repair time which is a guaranteed death off one hit. its not fun i really want to like this game. world of tanks has this all worked out but i don’t want to play with bot until i get to tier x. really this game need to work on its “realistic” combat because its not quite there. Its needs to be more interesting its a tank game but the tanks are borderline trash

If APHE hits you side on, youre probably going to die anyways. Adding artificial non pens,ricochets and armour is not a good idea.

Another thing is, when you can aim as easily as you can in War Thunder, you are able to aim at weakspots that would be nearly impossible to hit IRL. This is especially a thing at top tier, where tanks can very easily hit weakspots.

What BR are you playing?

Don’t worry, you will get used to it. The great news is, (I dared to check your name in-game) that you are grinding a tree that great in making the first shot. In the meantime, If you are playing realistic, I would recommend you to be really sneaky. Flanking on the side of the map, or in a position where you have clear sight to the objective, but you are still somewhat hidden. Thats what I did/ do. Speaking of armor there are some tanks that can rely on it but there will be always tanks that will be able to penetrate you.

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if gaijin makes the maps huge for 8.0+ br and redo modes i promise you that these COD style CQC brawls wont happen endlessly

i feel your pain

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That is how tank combat usually works. First to fire usually wins the engagement.

World of Tanks has nothing worked out. It is an RNG based fictional tank game, whereas Warthunder is a physics based more realistic tank game. Warthunder is MUCH, MUCH more realistic in every aspect when compared to World of Tanks. You need to change your mindset away from World of Tanks, otherwise you will not enjoy Warthunder.

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I dont think you are looking for more realism. More realism would be even faster deaths. Generally, any penetrating shot was a kill shot irl.

I don’t think he really wants realism. Seems like misjudged expectations because World of Tanks was the first experience. He probably expects all tank games to have combat where each tank trades multiple shots and has multiple opportunities to bounce/absorb shots. He doesn’t understand that World of Tanks is an arcade (not the WT arcade) style game and Warthunder is a different beast altogether.

Fair point.
I forget about that because i had the exact opposite reaction when switching over.

i angle my tank like the tips say but to no avail. most of the tim im one shot from the front

i expect my AP round to go through a car and hit a tank behind if if i get one shot. but that don’t happen bc this game makes no sense

well to be fair WT thunder used to be like that when it was only ww2 tanks

not quite. the older tanks didn’t how the penetrating power newer tanks have. this more ricochets and non penetrations

lol i hate that too i hit a crane beam thats prolly less than inch with an armor defeating round and it doesnt go through

thats annoying

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world of tanks would be a great game if they had more player vs player instead of tons of bots

There are usually weakspots that can be hit even when you angle. Like the machine gun port on the Tiger E. It can still be penetrated and your crew killed by an APHE while you are angled.

What kind of AP round? Warthunder has more than 12 different Armor Pericing rounds. All with unique properties.

thanks for the feedback ill try it. really hard to hid in this game for some reason tho

Not everything is destructible, and if you hit the beam of a crane with a shell, that is more than likely going to be one of those non-destructible objects.

im saying its annoying it fully stops my funny lawn darts

also in sun city theres whole buildings that those lawn darts can shoot through

Yes, some objects are destroyable and can be fired through, while some objects are not destroyable and can’t be fired through.