Tank Simulator BR

Why in Tank Simulator you find tanks like VRCC or Freccia or tanks 9.3 or 10.0 interfere with 12.0 tanks and some other tanks such as Merkava mk.2d and CV 90105 intervene with 8.7 things What is the point of that or the idea of making some tanks 9.7 or 10.0 enter with 8.7 and other tanks 10.0 also or 9.3 interferes with 12.0 tanks

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I think its a compromise they have to make in order to fit all vehicles into the brackets. I think its decently balanced as is with a few exception like QN506 being in the 3rd where its very OP.

OK if we are going to compare between VRCC BR9.3 and CV90105 BR10.0 the winner is CV90105 It has 5s reload same ammo same gun smaller size and now can fire ATGM This tank faces t-62 and 8.7 tanks and the VRCC BR9.3 with 7.8s reload bigger size face t-80BVM I don’t understand the idea here and this is a simple comparison there are many like you