Tank PVE - TankStorm Arcade

What interests me is whether it’s just me or whether it’s generally the case that the tank PvE mode has become unplayable.

Not even a year ago, if you didn’t feel like PvP, you could do a few rounds of tank PvE in peace.
You didn’t get as much XP as in PvP, but sometimes it was enough to upgrade stock tanks without any problems.

Now a year later, the AI tanks can fly, hit them as if they had smart ammunition and beam themselves around.
The AI AimBot is increasingly reminding me of what many fraudsters use.
In my own tank, either the cannon or the ammunition storage are always instand destroyed.
They have no problems hitting players behind cover or shooting through smoke.

The win rate from a year ago of 95% has dropped to 5%.
Like Gaijin doesn’t want people to play PvE.


Bro Gajin has a 90mm armed stock APCR non stab tank at 7.7 while everything else has at least 50mm more pen on stock and advanced rounds, lrs or a stab usually a combination of it…

Do you believe they want us to play at all?

Sometimes I feel like that’s exactly what they don’t want

90mm guns at 7.7 have HEATFS, which is a whole lot better than 84mm APDS.

The same HEATFS we have at 5.7. And it has pen and damage according to that. So yea gj.

As I said. It is the absolute same 90mm we have at 5.7 in the M36B2. Just with a longer reload.

The british 20pounder (84mm APDS) is actually better. It has more pen and spalling. And since HEATFS seems to have lost all its angle performance in the last update you now can enjoy non penning IS 3s and 6s with 320mm pen HEATFS. Or kill a single crew as if shooting APCR.

And the Centurion gets a stab… And reverse gear because for some reason the M48, which should have the same mobility as the M47 (as per design classification) has lost all its reverse speed and is stuck at 8km/h instead of close to 20. Despite using the exact same transmission… must be a case of FV4202 which uses the centurions transmission but gajin still gave it poor reverse because why not

Getting players to condense into a handful of modes is a great way to keep queue times low. So, yes, they probably want you to occasionally enjoy that - there is a daily reward for one match in assault after all - but no more than that.

And yet PvE Air Assault is basically impossible to lose, especially 6.7+, if the players have half a clue what they are doing.

Of course the setup is completely different and I find the “all spawn in middle after a death to be in direct firing line of same AI” almost unworkable. Each map and enemy spawn order are needed to be known before you start, so that is a darn hard way to “learn”, then if you do know “what to do” (might be just good camp spots on certain maps) if your team does not then good luck carrying (not something I could do with my lack of Ground Assault experience).

Make PvE Ground as easy as PvE Air, don’t do a Gaijin and make Air even harder to match Ground!

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Just you lose out and get a minimal booster if your team fails, and that is your one chance gone.

IF that is what you use the mode for. Personally fell out of love with PvP as it spirals into more and more frustration so play a LOT of PvE Air Assault (well, I did but of course it is very very boring and think I have even burnt myself out on that after both Swifts, last Spit, Kikka, Ki-83 and the J5N1 – all in PvE apart from last modules to complete in a real mode - beats playing stock vehicles that really need last tier mods to make the planes actually useful! ) I have almost researched all of Tier V UK doing that, just the Jaguar and second Hunter to finish researching so I got quite a good idea of what the Air mode is all about.

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Thing being that HEAT-FS is a lot more effective against tanks at the 7.7+ BR, not forgetting all the other light vehicles that appear after 7.3 and the lightly armoured MBTs (First Leopard in particular), as opposed to the 5.7 vehicles with the same rounds, but vastly different foes.

(Edit: But forgot all depends what vehicles the AI waves come along)

The problem actually never existed with the tank PvE.
This is a mode that most people quickly get bored of.
But if you just want to hold down waves of tanks or just explore the most important modules first, this mode was great.

The Sinai map is one of these maps. It is also the card that probably has the highest rate of defeats.
You spawn in a damn cauldron with no covers and are almost always doomed to fail.

They’re just supposed to get them back to the level they were a year ago.

The problem I noticed is that most rounds fail with the last wave and that is particularly annoying and frustrating.
You give full effort for 20 minutes and then the round fails within 1 minute.

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the mode is getting worse day by day