Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Do the new Naval missile alert voicelines only trigger on ARH launches, or are they already functional against our current SACLOS ? I know the submarine voicelines already have their triggers set, but I don’t know what part of them causes that - can’t use the datamine repository to figure this out on my own.

Would be interesting if the new Ki-48/Ki-148 also triggers them.

I´m gonna abuse the KI 148 so much at 2.3 and i aint stopping at Ground RB.
YES iam looking at you 2.3 BR Bombers.


Oh yeah that might be a fun challenge against bombers

When can we expect the Heishi Crafting Event News? Their Posts said Monday September 25th. Today is Monday September 25th at 17:12pm for me.

Yeah those confused reactions were better than these flags

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For the next update, Gaijin should reset the tank PvE mode so that it can then be played properly again.
At the moment it’s a disaster.

What was changed?I haven’t played that mode for a long time

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Sir, you included Rafale & Typhoon, not the best idea for wanting a believable prediction at this time.
We ain’t getting Mig-35, Rafale, F-2, F-15C MSIP 3?, etc at this time.

When can the Coupons be purchased and how can it be the most cost efficient?

Sorry for asking this like every Event. But I really cannot grind it this time. I dropped out of College because it was too elitist to me, but now I somehow ended up learning German Bureaucracy…in the most elite federal State, Bavaria… (Sorry, I digress)

Perhaps around the anniversary sale

For now, the Ki-48 will be the current carrier of this unique weapon.


@Smin1080p a question, was there a change in the visibility of planes in SIM battles? it’s really hard now to spot enemies even when they are very close, something that did not happen before this update :c

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Is it me or since the update you have to relaunch the game twice to be able to actually load in ?

not for me, tried updating your GC drivers?

Could do

Some of my controls keep resetting but no issues loading in.
(/s reported for off-topic :P )

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That Ki-148 minigame has some real puzzles, good luck trying to figure out if failure to be aimed was a result of guidance system failure or of servomotor failure.

Well, we don’t know yet how that information will be presented. And the event starts really soon, so we won’t be waiting long to find out. Might not be soo so difficult.

Might be harder, too.


Gasp a joke here no that not allowed ether reported as spam /s lmao

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bro :(

hopefully in the future

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