Talisman = Premium Vehicle

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The grind gets now permament xD … I know OT … couldn’t resist

Its called Matthew effect


this guy?


What if Talisman gave 75% both RP and SL boost? It also could change the color of the icon to make it look more Premium. It wouldnt make Premium Vehicles less worth, as they would be 100% boost and unique.

So rich people can have 100% and poor bastards like me could have 75% boost, its a win win, everyone happy.

:-( … Chandler … RIP

That sl boost is part of what makes that paid Premium vehicle a premium product. No other vehicle does that, and that makes them a premium product. If you could just make any vehicle earn the same level of SL/RP as a premium vehicle that would defeat the point of premium vehicles. And if this did happen, talismans would become just as expensive as premium vehicles are at each rank so you’d be changing everything and getting almost the same results. Those results would be expensive new talismans and people who are less well off would still get the short end of the stick.

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And if you caused the bottleneck of SL by buying talismans then you caused your own problem. You bought the talisman because you liked the vehicle enough to make it an rp grinder, the effect of that is you may not earn the sl needed before you can research the next vehicle. You made your own problem.

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I didn’t buy it, i got it from a trophy or something.

And regardless giving Talisman vehicles a premium-like credit booster would solve their one downside

There isn’t a downside. The talisman is an improvement to tech tree vehicles. For example before the US had the F-4S I used the F-105D with a talisman to grind rank 5 to rank 7 in the US tree twice as fast as I normally could.

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Only change I care about is letting talismans apply to all ranks in research. If you really like a tank and spend money to put a Talisman on it, there shouldn’t a restriction to it’s research bonus. Let someone have there cake and eat it too for once.

dup post

Use squadron EXP to unlock M1 AIM and slap a talisman on it or get an event vehicle for a tree I didn’t climb yet and put a talisman on it and boom, top tier grinder.

I am well aware that that in an absolute sense there is no downside.

In a relative sense to premium vehicles there is.

I word it as a “problem” because giving premium-like credit boost to a talisman solves one of the main problems for a free to play (with a talisman). And that is credits.

Unlock all you want, have fun earning money to actually buy it

It wouldn’t solve anything. It would just cause talismans to become more expensive. Unless you got lucky and rolled a talisman as a reward and happened to get it on a vehicle you really enjoy. Both talismans and premium vehicles are additional content. Talisman cost displays that it gives about 1/3 the features of a premium vehicle. If you add an sl booster you’ll have to expect the price to go up to around 2/3 the price of a premium because then they would give 2 out of the 3 primary features of the premiums.

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No it would solve exactly what i described

Sure? I mean im just here to point out what giving talisman some more benefits would solve. Specifically in regards to making credits

But you had to unlock it first, how long it took?

Premium Vehicle gives you access to certain tier level right away, you dont have to unlock anything. To put talisman on vehicle you want, you have to first grind it. I think you forget how painful grind can be …

I think that could be a good reward, you unlocked something and then you make it feel like a premium with a talisman. It wouldnt make Premium vehicles less worth, someone who wants to skip grinding or want unique vehicle would still buy it.

They could increase the price a little bit if thats the problem, but im not sure if anyone would wanna buy it then …

Just add a second talisman type, just for SL. So that way you’d need to get both to be equivalent to a premium. It also means current talisman costs don’t need to change due to better value.

A second talisman type won’t make them equivilent to a premium. Premiums have the modified sl boost, a talisman (for rp bonus, has the symbol above each premium), and no research penalty for vehicles below its rank. It is more than just “just add more stuff”. The tech tree vehicles are meant to be the free version of the game, and the talisman is already a powerful enough addition to them.

Can we also acknowledge that this is not any ordinary little thing. This is dealing with the monetary system in which the game depends on to stay afloat. What seems like a cool thing could have ramifications beyond what you could consider. This is the stuff that is almost guaranteed to be looked over by the Devs because tinkering with the income of the game can turn out badly.

It doesn’t need to be equivalent, as that defeats one of the reasons to buy premium vehicles in the first place.

You literally said that. It wouldn’t be equivilent anyways as I have explained. The premiums have sl boosters and it needs to stay that way.