Take the Tiger II (P) back to 6.3

If 75 shermans and T34s go up aswell then yes. If not no.

T34s and 75mm shermans are better at the same br (at least if you are a skilled player who knows how to use these tanks to their full strengh)

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Tiger E has much overall thicker armor just because the track add on armor that is exclusive to it actually works really well.

Tiger E also has much better angling potential since there are no S-Mine launchers on the diagonal corners of the hull to prevent you from diagonal angling.

Tiger E has a much stronger turret due to the lack of a weakspot on the cupola.

Tiger E also has a stronger engine (as you noted) which can actually be pretty impactful.

Tiger E ALSO has a different smoke grenade pattern.

TigerE ALSO ALSO has a Cupola MG.

In addition to the APCR shell you mentioned

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Tiger E is a little better but still gets lolpenned.

lets end this discussion, i have only learned that i will always get uptiered, never rest, just suffer till i uninstall war thunder.
TheSherman1945 out

The add on armor is on the side of the turret and on the lower front plate. Most guns at 6.0 can pen it easily despite the add on armor.

It would make a difference if the track armor would be on the upper front plate but there is none. Many other tanks got buffed when uptiered but not the tigers. They should get their track armor on the upper front plate

Tell that to the French 7.7 tanks built in 1950 that still only have 200mm of pen while fighting IS4M, T10M, T54s, IS6s T32s and others it cant even pen from the side or rear.

I always love when people complain about Tigers and Panthers “suffering” agains HEAT and ATGM.

Like those will amost never 1hit the tigers, but they can 1hit any HEAT/ATGM vehicle.

Honestly sounds like gigatons of skill issue.


Have you tried them yourself?

A more proactive way to play uptiers is use the light TDs and light tanks to support your team.

Blame Germany for not producing vehicles relevant in this BR to a game made in 2013. Imagine how other nations feel with their gaps.

The KT loses the armour in the full uptier but still gets a decent gun with decent reload with decent post pen. It is a heavy in a full uptier, imagine being a Churchill VII in a full uptier versus a Panther at 5.3 and the old Tiger E at 5.7, the old Jumbo at 5.3, where the 103mm pen AP can’t even take out the barrel reliably.

In a 7.7 you support the 7.7s and 7.3s, what the heck is your team doing and whst about the enemy 6.7/7.0s, there are a lot more of them than the 4 top BR. Heck, help your team and go anti-CAS in the 6.7 and below planes! Always options but I know people are rigid and often refuse to adapt.

That KT 88 one taps the Conqueror, the APDS does not reliably one tap back and that is a 7.7.

ATGMs are not always reliable as long range it is luck to hit the right spots since the damage is like HEAT, a thin stream.

They have never decompressed.

Tiger E has quite good armor for 5.7 overall.

I bet the Tiger II (H) will go up to 7.0 … I want to point out that I don’t like the idea but we all know what happend in the past.

They never succeeded at it at least.

I like the Idea of playing the Tiger 2 at 6.3 but not facing it at 5.3

The problem with all tiger 1s is that you can either drive or have armor. That’s what many people don’t get if they talk about balancing. You can’t angel and drive (at least in the direction you want to go). That’s why tanks which don’t need to angle are superior because they can increase pressure with driving forward.

The tiger E would be fine at 6.0 if it would get the track armor on the upper front plate which some tiger tanks had historically

I’ll be fine with this if the Super Pershing also goes back down to 6.3

Can’t have all the fun clubbing the 5.3s in downtiers.

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Yeah fight with Tigor II P against powerfull coldwar era tanks not funny.
To move his problematic opponent not worth it because, if they moved into upper BRf they will suffer same like the tigor 2 p.
The possible solution when reduce tiger 2 p and Tiger II(H) repair cost from 4-5,5k to 2k max because now you not just can collect negative game experience, you able to collect a huge negative income also. BTW this problem still active for Tiger 2 h (105) and panther 2 case also.

İmagine struggling to kill a Tiger 2P with APDS, lmao. I use APDS on the T54E2 and had no issues killing tiger 2s

I play usually from 5.7 to 8.0…i thing i see Tiger IIs on ALL GAMES…any BR.
You simply roll a dice…sometimes you are the bully, others you are bullied… :)

I actually think Tiger IIs get to be top tier MORE than other tanks…althought they can be dragged up also.

What i dont really get on this topic, is why TIGER II? From all the tanks that get uptiered, this is actually one that can handle uptiers.
Sure you can be killed by a modern Leopard or T55, but you can fight back most opponents, even if they are +1BR. There are A LOT of vehicles that will be sitting ducks when full uptiered…not the case here.

Tiger IIs are dangerous as opponents and fun to play…would not be in my shortlist for a drop in BR…


Not a legitimate argument.

I am surprised you are surprised at the “woe be me” situation in this thread.