Remove the S-mine launchers on the Tiger H1 and give the Tiger E track on armor on the UFP

With the new br changes both tanks went up to 5.7/6.0. Other tanks got buffs as compensation like the IS2, M26.
I think tigers should get a small buff aswell.

Remove the S-mine launchers on tiger H1. This would solve this annoying issue with the turret depression.

Add track armor for the E on the UPF. See picture below



I created similar topic near year ago but without results, i hope with upcoming BR changes they finally remove this nerf for the Tiger 1H and Japanse Tiger.

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1.) Make them function
2.) If it can’t be done, then either remove them or reposition them to the rear like in this image below:

Agreed. I don’t see why the Tigers are moving up without a buff while the IS-2 got an even better round that it honestly didn’t need.

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if they would work that would be another story. They could be used against light vehicles at least. Imagine killing a m18 with it


or those soviet truck things

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Silly comparison between colision models. Sherman rearview and infamous and useless S-minen launchers.
Sherman can full depress the barrel and dont suffer for been stuck. Bascially dont have any hitbox, meanwhile in the Tiger cant full depres the gun becuase the colision hitbox is even biger than the real size of the laucher and the barrel can be stuck when you try to turn the turret.

The BR change of the tiger is so sad … the H1 really isn’t that good and can be penned pretty much everywhere.

I Think the tiger should have a visual makeover as well, the side armor is modelled incorrectly. It is simply one big flat slope when the actual tiger had Variation.


Yeah I agree. Please get rid of them, I’ve died many times because of them. I’m just nervous that UFP tracks will get it bumped up