Take the Tiger II (P) back to 6.3

i grinded germany a lot, now i switched to italy because every time i use the Tiger II (P) at 6.7 i always get uptiered and ecounter T44, BMP 1s,M48s, in short cold war era tanks and get obliterated by early
at 6.3 it was much better finding yourself with M26s, T34-85s, T34(US) and other better tanks to face. now i cant even get to toptier because every battle i do (5 death, 0 kills , 0 caps, 1 assist)



be me in my 7.7 that finds killing a tiger 2 hard due to apds being bad so i guess it stays


yea but think about all the people trying to grind a nation and suffer all the time and get oblitarated by ATGM and cold war era tanks

fair enough

Tiger ll P being the same BR as the Tiger ll H is decompression somehow.


just did a battle, do you know what happened? 1st Spawn Tiger II P and a MAUS, after 5 minutes
i got obliterated by a T-54! then by a M48A1 patton, at the end a M103. really good matchmaking!


The correct solution to this is to not downtier the Tiger again, but to uptier the problematic vehicles it sees in uptiers.

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gaijin isn’t decompressing yet

yea he is decompressing a lot like the Tiger E at 6.0 its basically the Tiger H1 with a MG on the turret

it is fine at that BR the turret armour differences between it and the H are yeah kinda big but if you play it correct that should not be an issue, also the era which the tank was part of is not used to set the BR

how the f do you play with early ATGMs that can kill you to spawn to spawn?

Tiger E has a lot more different than that

that is shit map design not a balancing issue


yea i only changes by a few mm the turret armor and the additional APCR shell and engine but the engine is only a little better than the Tiger H1, so do your Admin work for gaijin (if you can concact highter Admins) and i wanna see how they respaond to this problem

ATGM duration in air nerf?

the commander sight area is different(i can’t spell what it is called) so it is smaller so isn’t as big of a weakness

cupola, but yea its smaller but many things still can get tru and destroy commander and sometimes gunner if they using like APCBC shells

the maps are the issue not ATGMs you honestly just have a skill issue and I am not using that as an insult you just are not used to the combat at that br and it takes time to learn the different meta when armour isn’t going to always save you
Edit: this just a legit statement that after a certain BR the meta changes from the previous and you either adapt or bottom frag

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If tanks like Tiger 2H, T34 etc. go up what was even the point of the decompression of late war tanks?

These last changes weren’t needed at all. The only reason could be to keep more players away from low tier tanks, but 4.3 tanks were good enough to play against 5.3 tanks. Same for 4.7, 5.0 and 5.3 with full uptiers.

I rather have gaijin changes these last br updates back instead of shifting the problem to yet another br-bracket

I think the BR changes are fine, now they just need to put the Pz.4s back to their 2017 BRs and we will not have an undertiered WW2 german ground

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