Tailgunners don't like to fire

Even with crew skill tail gunners are extremely ineffective. Their efficacy should be increased.


ok…then make a bug report.

What is the bug that I am supposed to report?

I don’t know “Tailgunners don’t like to fire”? what else? If they’re not firing at all even with a high crew skill then clearly a bug is happening with its AI.

The statement is true. I would like their efficacy to be increased, more than tripled really.

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They don’t like to fire until the target is much closer than effective range.

With maxed crew AI gunners are not toned to be effective. Gaijin wants you to take manual control. This is fine for high altitude bombers but it leaves dive bombers with no effective cover despite sacrificing the weight to put a machine gun and extra crew member in the rear. It’s something to do with the tail I believe they want to wait to fire more than they need to so it doesn’t clip your tail.

Not a bug but an intentional choice by Gaijin which I believe should be changed.


i know the good old times where the fully leveled catalina killed 5+ people with its gunners

Bugs and features are the same thing in Warthunder.

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Its because people complained about AI gunners being “OP”. So they dont fire until about 200-300m. You can see their firing ranges in the crew skill page

Screenshot 2024-04-01 031053


You can thank all the crying babies that were flying in straight line behind you and die to gunners so we got overnerfed gunners ages ago. Never to be touched again - so anything bomber like is a free RP/SL piniata and a waste of team slot
Gunners are a waste of skill points now


Even if bombers is the worst class in game. Someone still thought it is OP?

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It was pretty ridiculous we had bombers flying into furballs and having the aimbot gunners kill the fighters

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And thy were right. However the complaints came from SB not RB. Just Google “Skypolice War Thunder” to understand the extent of the problem.

Why gaijin also implemented it in RB is beyond me.

Somehow gaijin thinks RB is closer to AB than SB. While in reality RB is more like a slower slightly more tactical AB+.
So the gunners in RB should work like in AB but SB.

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They still are… In SB.

As said before the change was made for SB. The complaints were from the SB Community as well.

For some unexplainable reason Gaijin thought “we change it for RB as well”.

That’s not what happened.

There was an entire player revolt in SB called the skypolice, that caused the change.
And it was a needed change… For SB.

This entire issue was an SB issue.

But Gaijin implemented the fix for SB and RB… Even though RB didn’t have the revolt or the problems.

Yeah i played air SB on B-17 and it is OP cuz you can see whole sky from gunners view, you know. But tbh what % of all players plays Air SB regularly? Depending on this logic they might have fired map designer long time ago

As i said, the change only kade sense in SB.

I have nicht clue why gaijin thought it should be in RB as well.

ABusing gunner view in SB still exists and bombers are still OP but jot to tge degree we had in 2014. we are talking about the AI gunners here however.

For sure, but like irl every crewmate in bomber should do his job. Pilot (you) shouldn’t even care about those who are on ur 6, it’s gunner purpose (ai gunner). People can get used to it

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Sure the entire gunner mechanic doesn’t make sense for SB, which created the Problem in the first place.

The only solution is an overhaul. The same control mechanic in AB/RB/SB at the same time is Impossible to balance.

This is what created the mess.

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