T90 Bhishma should be 10.7 and T90A should be 11.0

So how is the bhisma the same br as things as the original Abrams and leopard 2A4 while having better armour and a better shell along with better thermals

The abrams is still firing M774 which is while usable not really effecient against the Bhishma on anything else other than the Drivers port LFP or breach meanwhile the bhishma can bisicly aim anywhere.

The leopard 2A4 is slightly better against the bhishma as it atleast had Dm23 which is more reliable against the T90

and this is just the at BR other mbts while 9.3s are not fun against this

The Indian T90 was moved to 10.3 because Britian has no 10.7 line up. At all. So it had a shell removed and a BR decrease. Still an incredibly messy and bad addition though, but at least not entirely pointless.

Where’s the problem here exactly ?
Bhishma is a fairly slow tank, having much less HP/t than tanks you mention. Also, it basically has no reverse speed and gun depression. Furthermore, it’s reload speed and gun handling are also lacking quite a bit.
All things considered, Bhishma has it’s pros and cons, so it seems like a pretty balanced tank at 10.3, it’s not Gaijin’s problem you want your Abrooms to be better at literally everything while being at the same BR, that’s not going to happen.

Abrams and Leo2A4 have their pros compared to both Bhishma and T90A such as better survivability(no fuel explosion, no ammoracking (unless you talk of Leo2A4 storage in hull yet you can just take less ammo, more spread area for the crew)), overall speed(both forward and backwards, as well as neutral steering), depression, better turret turning speed (both horizontal and vertical), better reload in aces (6 for Leopard 2, 5 for Abrams). At 9.3 tanks usually have around same mobility as it is and have thermals and penetration enough to kill it in weakspots.

wait what? so why didnt they move down the ozelot?

I have no idea