T72M2 should go to BR 10.7

Firstly, in terms of firepower, compared to other 10.0 BR tanks like the T-72, it has a gunner and commander with high-definition thermal imaging, which significantly improves its ability to detect enemies. This configuration is the same as the T-72AV. However, it has additional coaxial machine guns, greatly enhancing its firepower. Finally, its new TAPNA ammunition has extremely high penetration capabilities (509mm) and post-penetration effects.

Secondly, in terms of protection, it has extensive ERA coverage on its hull, which significantly enhances its defensive capabilities. In most cases, it’s challenging to penetrate its roof armor with TOW-2B missiles due to the ERA protection. Additionally, the lethal machine guns also reduce the threat of anti-tank missile carriers against it.

Finally, in terms of mobility, well, that hasn’t changed; it’s still the same old T72.

However, what I would like to mention is that this vehicle was already at 10.3 before the comprehensive vehicle BR update. At that time, the T72AV was still at BR 9.7, and now the T72AV has been raised to BR 10.0. However, it is still at 10.3, which is very unreasonable. Friends who have faced this vehicle know how much of a threat it can be. Therefore, keeping it at 10.3 is unreasonable, and it should be moved to 10.7.

Final Remarks: Although I haven’t played this vehicle, its stats are quite impressive. That’s why I believe its BR should be increased. If anyone has a different opinion, please feel free to join the discussion. Thanks a lot!!! :)

Its fine at 10.3, solid tank, but not quite as good as tanks like the 10.3 Vickers. The lack of mobility, depression and gun handling are its biggest failings.

Yes and no. Yes the thermals are the same, but not the optics. The fixed 8x gunner zoom especially.

edit - Misremembered the commander zoom as being different, but the point is the same for the gunner.

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10.7 would be too high for it

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We need more BR brackets to properly differentiate between vehicles that are pretty similar, but still have some, not so big differences.
That being said, I agree with others, M2 has pretty bad mobility, gun handling and zoom for it’s BR, but is making up for it with better thermals and round, which makes me to believe it’s BR is justified for the time being.

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