t34-1942/STZ to 4.3

Hi, I just noticed that the t34 1941 is up tiered to 4.0, same br with 1942/stz and Chinese mod 1943. I am wondering if the 1942/1943/stz should be up-tiered to 4.3, since it is better than 1941. Especially the stz, which is a super updated one for the t34 family.

I would also like and agree to see this. But if it happens, they also need to move them to rank three. :)

imho the 1941 should have stayed 3.7. It’s a good tank, but imo it’s nowhere near as good as the A2 Sherman.

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No they should just nerf the RoF of the 1941 variant.
It has a tiny turret with only two crew.
Same with the 1940 variant.

1941 → higher BR as 1943/44 Pz IV or Sherman
1940 → Same BR as 1942/43 Pz III and Sherman

Something surely is wrong here, and it’s the fact that early T-34 were blind, cramped and had insufficent ventilation.

If a Pz IV loses it’s loader, it will have a longer reload with it’s two crews then the T-34s while having a turret basket, much better visiblity and much more space inside the turret.

I guess that would also affect the T-34 STZ and T-34E.

In all fairness the M4A2 is also under tiered