T29 for Vilkas, worth it?

Hi, right now the Vilkas is on market for 23 GJC and i thinking sell it and buy the T29.
Is T29 a good option or should keep the Vilkas for a future sells???

You should embrace the vilkas.
It’s actually pretty fun when you get the 1 in 100 map that isn’t a CQB city knifefight and has sight lines 400m or greater so that you can use your spikes and the vehicle to its strengths.


Vehicles go up in price eventually but could be a very long time.
T29 is an excellent vehicles though, very strong.

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hard to say, cause vilkas may need a long time to go up in price, may be 2 or 3 years

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Get T29 now.

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I know but like you said every day long range maps are rarity and about me i dont play much above 9.3 that why i see the Vilkas expendable.

You think??? i check the possible lineup and looks good with a combination of decent TT and premiuns options.
But i dont know how is doing USA at 7.0 after BR changes ?

It is truly saddening.
Maybe if gaijin modelled the ability for the launcher to change elevation instead of having it permanently stuck at mortar angle it would be a little more flexible.
Alas, dead and forgotten event vehicle.


Not really

I sometimes take it into battles. I have not spaded it yet (only need the mobility upgrades and the Mk 266),but so far it’s definitely a vehicle that requires 3 things:

  1. Skill
  2. Map
  3. Luck

All of them joined together, obviously. The Spikes are not reliable and must be used only with clueless enemies. Use your unmanned turret+Mk.258+3rd gen Thermals to duck out of cover and scout+disable tanks.

Usually this tactic let you die very rarely,but at the same time the range of kills varies

In one of my last matches i was on the Domination mode of Ardennes (the version with the 3 caps in the city). It was a partial downtier and man i killed so many MBTs from the side with that thing, I even killed a ZTZ96A from the front lmao,poor lad.

I’m glad you enjoyed your monologue but what does any of that have anything to do with what I said and why is what I said “not really”?

Giving the spike launcher its full range of elevation would improve the vilkas and make it more flexible, that’s just a fact. I do not understand how such a simple objective statement could be “not really”.

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Alas,dead and forgotten even vehicle

I responded to this, stating that it is not really dead if you use it properly

Yes, it does need a flexible launcher,and also more Spikes (4 are not really much),but other than that is a good vehicle

It is dead and forgotten.
Gaijin evidently have no intention on fixing it because it was a largely uncared about event vehicle.
And it is not suitable on the majority of maps which will only increase as time goes on and maps continue to shrink and become more urbanised.

What I said stands.

Also I do like the vilkas regardless as I’d said earlier.

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