T-72M1 (ZA-35)

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During 1990 South Africa acquired two T-72M1’s from Poland to be used in Operation Carbenet evaluation trials which took place between 5 March and 18 May 1990. South Africa acquired the T72’s in order to learn its strengths and weakness and how it compared to the South African army’s tanks and armed cars at the time. Once the trials were over South African defence firm Kentron of the Denel group, conduct further experiments by installing the ZA-35 turret, originally designed for Rooikat ZA-35 on to the T-72M1 chassis, turning the tank in a SPAAG. The ZA-35 is a two man turret which features two GA-35 “35mm” cannons with a total of 460 rounds. In order to detect incoming aircraft the ZA-35 turret makes use EDR-110 radar which can be deployed in three different positions, in order to lock a target the turret makes of the Eloptro electro-optical target tracking system.




Main Armament: two GA-35 “35mm” cannons

Shell types: API-T, HEI-T

Ammunition amount: 460 rounds

Elevation range: -8 to +81

Secondary armament: no

Radar: EDR-110

Engine: Model V46-6, V-12

Horsepower: 780 hp

Gearbox: seven forward, one reverse

Top speed: 65km/h

Weight: 30t

Crew: 3 (commander, gunner, driver)

Smoke ESS: yes

Night vision: yes

Hull armour: (front: 215mm), (sides: 80mm), (rear: 40mm)

Turret armour: (front: 10mm), (sides: 10mm), (rear: 10mm)



Primary sources

South African Armoured Vehicles “history of innovation and excellence” written by Dr Dewald Venter (page 79)

Surviving the Ride written by Steve camp & Helmoed-Romer Heitman (page 189)

Armed Forces November 1991 “South Africa’s answer to Mobile Air Defence” (page 5)

Secondary sources

Top War: https://en.topwar.ru/40006-zenitnaya-samohodnaya-ustanovka-za-35.html

BASTION: Military technical collection (T-72 ZA-35) magazine




What an interesting combo! +1

Yes please, I want to use this instead. Tracks > wheels.

Honestly, i don’t think this would be a better improvement of the current ZA-35 in the game (Rooikat). It would be less mobile, slower, and the armor wouldn’t matter because you’d have a massive weakspot regardless (the turret). It it essentially a worse Rooikat ZA-35, since it doesn’t have any benefits as far as i can see.

What the heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …

it can be a T72 mode ItsPo90

+1 Very nice

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maybe :|

What’s wrong with wanting a cool vehicle and +1’ing it?

What an absolute beauty!
Perhaps this could be a premium/event SPAA for ZA/UK, given that it’s functionally a sidegrade to the ZA-35, and the UK already has 3 SPAA vehicles at 8.3?
Anyway, I’m a big fan of tanks mixing western and eastern technology, and this one would be really cool to see in the game.

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