T-69 II G is unbalanced

Probably worth for a premium at least.

not a tank problem, a BR compression problem

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Yeah, thats basically what i ment with this post, i think at 8.3 or 8.7 it would be much better

It’s certainly “workable” as a 9.0 vehicle, at least it’s better than the tech tree M60A3, though significantly lags behind the ztz88a/b.

Now the current state of br system, especially for br range between 9 - 10 is rather pathetic. I got into br 10/10.3 games nine out of ten times while playing with my Chinese 9.3 lineup. Until more decompression coming in (if done properly) playing tanks from br 9-9.7 is always going be a pain in the ***.

T-69 IIG was extremely strong at 8.7. It was really OP at downtier. It’s fine at 9.0 but I know it struggles in uptier. However this tank’s power to weight ratio and gear changing time isn’t accurate. I’ll make a bug report on it.

It has wrong gear switching speed in game.

Do you know if the type 69-IIA packs the same Problem since its the same weight and same engine?

Wanted to ask this yesterday but gaijin restricted posts for new users to 21 on the first day…lol

The Type 69 IIA should have the same engine power as the T-62 or T-55, weighing more or less like the T-55. The problem with the Type 69 IIA in the game is that it should have an APDS-FS ammunition, but in its place it carries an obsolete APDS, an APCBC and HEAT-FS.


I feel like the 2G is fine at 9.0, it’s significantly better than the Obj. 435 and T-62.

Probably more comparable with the T-55AM-1, but the dart is waaay better than 3BM25. If anything, it’s a BR compression issue.

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The 69 II G is a relic of a moment in War Thunder’s history where it was a complete dominator of that BR. If it’s more balanced now than before, then it should be adjusted.

Type 69 II G should be the same BR as the T55am-1 and T55AMD-1. It’s funny that you have to fight t72 turms, BMP2M and 2s38 in ye old Chinese t55 ;)

I play the T-69 II G with my friends at 10.0 and find it somewhat easy to fight superior vehicles, the dart is pretty decent and the ERA has saved my life bunch of times.

ERA can get a potential buff. It should provide same KE protection as the QN506’s ERA. Which is 120mm I think.

I honestly think that would be fair, T55 AM-1 has Composite in exchange for ERA of the Type 96 ii G for example, also the T55 AM-1 has a pretty good ATGM. So i dont realy understand why the Type 96 ii G is 9.0 8.7 would be nice

It’s really painful to face a vehicle that has ERA at 8.X BR. When Gaijin decompresses BR T-69 II G should be OK at 9.0. Decompression may come very soon.

Can anyone name a 9.0 MBT that isn’t miserable to play? .3 BR higher is flooded with go karts with APFSDS and Thermals, not to mention MBT prototypes with 1500bhp engines and above that; it’s even worse.

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We can expect some decompression in the next update

Based on what? Last time they did decompression that made things worse.

We are going to get a few more rank 8 ground vehicles and the BR of toptier aircrafts will increase as well if we get ARH carriers in the next update. So there is high probability of Ground Toptier moving to 12.0 or 12.3