T-69 II G is unbalanced

This post is about the chinese premium tank T-69 II G featured in the Lunar New Year Ground Bundle 2024. I purchased the pack yesterday while the T 62 No 545 and the Type 69-Ila are decent at their br the T-69 II G is the total opposite. Most times you get a full uptier which means you fight superior tanks, which is a real problem. You got no composite armor, no thermals while you face enemies with way better shells, armor, thermals, and engine power. I would see this tank at 8.7.


Doesnt it have LRF?

It does have one, yes

Everything from 9.0 to 9.7 alway get a full uptire.This is not a excuse

Doesnt this just prove the problem with constant uptiers?

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If you don’t want a uptire,just play 12.7.
It’s not only your 69-2G get uptire.

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You should ask if these gift packages are worth buying before making a purchase, and I will definitely tell you: no

In the content of the Chinese gift package, I will not recommend you to purchase anything other than Z19, Q-5, and 96AP

In the end, i am glad i made the purchase using GJN and not real world money

welcome to 2024. the br system not exsist, all good tank get br change (for no reason).

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Used to be 8.3 but Gaijin thought that pushing everything upwards is decompression somehow.

Its the same with the T 62 basically, no laser rangefinder and 8.7

Still I think at 9.0 it’s managable, I’d much rather play an armored MBT at 9.0 with 350mm APFSDS than an unarmored light vehicle at 9.3 with 290mm APFSDS like the Type 16.

As long as they keep these things at 9.0 and not push them even higher.

After playing some more rounds today, i actually think my main problem is the engine. and the acceleration

Yeah, it’s weird… I don’t know if it actually is that slow or just sounds slow? If feels heavy.

580 PS at 37t but the transmission only allows 50kmh

Weird thing is the T 62 has the same engine power but feels faster somehow. at the same weight

I don’t know if that’s perception or not.

I might try to put expert crew onto it so the driver is better with the transmission