Wrong Gunner Sight in T-69 II G

It seems T-69 II G has a slightly different gunner sight in real life.

In game:

Let me know if I’m wrong.

tbh they are different, but to me it looks more like a modelling inaccuracy

red = similarity

yellow = difference

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Roof of the turret is slightly different near the gunner sight in real life. It’s more boxy near the gunner sight in real life but in game it has the usual round turret.

hmm maybe a different production year T-69 turret?
ngl it does look pretty similar

It is the old turret but the turret is slightly modified near the gunner sight

i assume recast turret

I think they have just cut that part and wielded some flater metal plates around it.

@soviet_MoonMan can you make a bug report on this? I don’t have any experience of making one.

When I have some free time I can make a report, although it’s rather simple to be honest.

yeah it’s probably just a modelling inaccuracy


How am I supposed to provide reference for a screenshot? I dont think I need to provide any reference, we can clearly see the difference.

made another bug report