T-55AMD is better than T-55AM-1

Especially if you hate helicopters, by just looking at their direction you deny their missiles, and can drive forward towards rats like ush405 or Raketepoopnautomatboob disrespeckting them like they are harmless puppies, also help your teammates eat incoming ATGM by just sitting next to it looking at the direction of the launchers, and the APS also can occasionally stop slow projectile like those 155mm HE, no idea why everybody says T-55AM-1 is better because they way I see it, it’s not. I do not have the T-55AM1 but I do play the T-62M1 a bunch and its supposed to be a direct upgrade to the T-55AM-1 but so far based on my playstyle the AMD in many situations is more survivable than the T-62M1, the faceplate on the T-62M1 doesn’t seem to stop anything and I rather there is no faceplate and it equipped with the APS instead.

I mean like what? there is only one tonk in the WT equipped with Drozd APS?? I only wish the T-64 and T-72 has them.

Well the thing is that when it comes to Drozd while it was used their weren’t that many tanks that every equipped it, outside the T-55 the only other vehicles which really ever used it was the T-80UM2 which we already have in-game and the T-62 from what I recall, however they were never used on the T-64 or T-72 as far as I am aware. In terms of aps Drozd is not that great, while it does react to connective threats very well it is very limited in its use as it is fixed to the turret leading to not only existing blind spots but the more it is expended the greater those spots may get so you have to rotate the turret, not to mention its engagement is limited as the vertical coverage for the radars is quite bad meaning you could fire something from above it and not set off the aps, not to mention is limited in the munitions it can intercept which is less of a mark against it as only 2 aps can work against apfsds of which only one may practically do it as the other one can as well but cannot see any of those vehicles that would fire rounds it could intercept. It also the reason Drozd never went further as many types of aps are far better than drozd and certainly not as bulky as drozd is. The T-55AMD is only more survivable in certain circumstances which is when the aps is in play, however otherwise its protection is outright inferior. Even if you want more vehicles in the game with drozd there is nearly none left to add already, not to mention most aps in the game is superior to drozd as it is has the greatest limitations of any aps in the game.

An event T-80 has Drozd too