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In 1978 the T-72 was introduced into the NVA as their new MBT, which, even if it was an export-model of the T-72 Ural, was vastly superior to the until now, best MBT the NVA could muster, the T-55AM. The T-55AM on it’s own was a modernisation of the by now obsolete T-55A, however, that wasn’t enough and the GDR was quick to order a new modernisation-program for the T-55AMs. This was done out of two major reasons, first, upgrading existing tanks is cheaper and easier to acomplish, than to buy and import vast numbers of T-72s. With one T-72 unit costing as much as 4,5 million Mark, while upgrading a T-55AM to T-55AM-2B specifications, costs around 2 million Mark.

The second reason is, that the European theatre is filled with hills and valleys; terrain, which does not favor the restricted cannon-movement of the T-72, which had an elevation of +15° and a depression of -5° with a maximum vertical movement-speed of 3,5°/s, while any variant of the T-55 used by the NVA had an elevation of +17° with the same -5° depression of the T-72, however, the vertical movement-speed of the cannon was 4,5°/s this minor advantage of the T-55, coupled with the cheaper price of the modernisation was reason enough for the GDR to initiate the upgrade program of the T-55AM.

For the sake of having a better overview, I will list all of the upgrades of the T-55AM-2B, compared to a standard T-55A. This way, we can better see in what aspects the T-55AM-2B was improved, rather than comparing it to the already upgraded T-55AM.

The tracks were replaced with rubber-reinforced steel-tracks, which reportedly lasted two times longer than the original pure steel-tracks.

Standardised compartments for crew-belongings.

Reinforced exhaust-system.

Reinforced planetarly steering-system with 17 plates.

Fire-control and laser-warning system KLADIWO.

Thermal sleeve for the 100mm D-10T2S cannon.

IR-floodlight L-4 with a range of max 1200m.

Smoke-launching system TUTSCHA 902B (8 barrels).

Add-on composite armor on frontal hull and turret-cheeks.

Reinforced hull for improved mine protection.

Rubber-mesh side-skirts.

Improved protection from napalm and other incindiary agents.

Improved fire-extinguishing system and more hand-held fire-extinguishers.

Stronger W-55U engine.

R-173 tank-radio.

ATGM-complex “BASTION”.

1 WS TNP-165 gun-sight.

Stabilizer STP-2A.


Overall, these are just the major improvements and show, that the T-55AM-2B is basically a new tank, sadly only 35 T-55AM-2Bs were fully upgraded when the NVA fell. It was truly the best T-55 of the NVA and with it’s ATGM firing-capabilities, it was able to rival the T-72 in terms of firepower.



T55AM2B-vl.png 3306498576_fb4f1a09e8_b.png 5740861230_c5a3f75ff5_z.png


Crew: 4

Lenght: 9m

Widht: 3,27m

Height: 2,35m

Engine: W-55U (615HP)

Elevation: +17° / -5°

Armament: 1x 100mm D-10T2S main-cannon (43 RPG), 1x 12,7mm DschK AA-MG (500 RPG), 1x 7,62mm PKT coaxial-MG (2250 RPG)





9M117 - ATGM

OF-412 - HE

I personally think the T-55AM-2B would be an excellent 8.7 MBT for the German tech-tree, mainly because the east-German T-55AM-2B would be incredibly similar to the T-55AM-1 we have in War Thunder already, be it with Warsaw-pact match-maker, or not.

Thanks for reading!

If you spot a mistake, or want to correct something, just let me know.

Cheers! :salute:



T-54/T-55 - Wikipedia

Kampfpanzer T-55AM2 und T-55AM2B | Panzerregiment4 der NVA

Das Panzerdetail - Feuerleitanlage des T-55AM2


“Kampfpanzer der NVA” by Jörg Siegert and Helmut Hanske


so this is an exclusive east german modernization right? if so it would fit right in with the t-72 already in Germany’s tech tree

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I think a seperate DDR tech tree will be good, just like the aircraft tech tree


I think you’re talking about researchable lines rather than a tech tree?
Tech tree implies it would be a completely separate and new nation.

Yeah, you are right. I mean like bmp1, t72m1 or other tanks can be moved to a seprate line


imo there also should be a prototype/export line, including vehicles like leopard 2e etc. and a gdr line


+1 from me!