T-54 Line up

So, a while back I researched and purchased the T-54 1949 version. After one week, I believe, the BR changes were implemented regarding the 7.0-8.0 ground vehicles. I didn’t really have that much time to experience the previous BR, but from my point of view, Tiger IIs and IS-3s facing T-54s is not that big of deal as the uptiers T-54s are facing now, since most of the time you’ll be put on 8.7 to 9.0. But honestly, the vehicle gap between them is much worse that late war heavy tanks facing early cold war mediums. The MBTs you’ll be facing are fully stabilized with high penetration rounds, which render every aspect of the T-54 inferior to them. And with the addition of the TO-55, I have really been questioning Gaijin’s ability to balance the vehicles. The only drawback of the TO-55 compared to the standard T-55, is the lack of the 3BM25 ammunition. However, the main gun is stabilized and I believe it also features a more powerful engine. Moreover, the T-54 lacks a rangefinder which makes sniping and providing supporting fire more challenging. The APDS round is also a rank IV modification. I’m really frustrated on how should this thing be used on the battlefield since it can’t stand it’s ground as a long range fire supporter neither as a flank vehicle due to the fact that the mobility is not that great, and you’ll rarely have the first shot since most of the enemy vehicles have stabilized main guns. What am I supposed to do?

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I used the three T-54s and they did not work badly, it is clear that having the stabilized cannon is an advantage, but for me it is not that important, you just have to get used to stopping in areas of the map before, and have more patience, waiting for a tank appears. As a general rule, I mainly use the APDS, since it allows you to shoot at very long distances without missing the shot.