T-2 and F-1 countermeasures

So I did a bit of research, and both the T-2 and the F-1 were capable to carry countermeasures.
Since they both in a br where there are undodgable missiles without flares. I suggest to add the countermeasures for both aircrafts.
Both jet suffers without them if they face a10’s or su25’s. I haven’t even talked about the uptiers. I’ve got uptiered to 12.0 numerous times.
Again, I suggest to add the countermeasures for both aircrafts so they can be fairly enjoyable.

You can’t get uptiered to 12.0 in a 10.3 jet unless you’re fail squadding with someone else, and furthermore while I would like flares on the F-1 as much as you, I don’t see any evidence or sources whatsoever here that states either aircraft could carry flares

The F-1 absolutely was capable of carrying chaff and it should be in game for a long time now, but where did you get the info on flares? If you have anything to prove that it would be very helpful.

And are you including the T-2 because it’s an rqual airframe to F-1 or because it actually carried them (or was designed to carry them at least)?

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Could you mention what sources you found which states this, because we already know about how both aircraft can use chaff with the use of the AN/ALE-41K chaff pod however as the name suggest it can only dispense chaff so it would be just like what the F-105 already but otherwise both aircraft have no ability to carry countermeasures, and as far as I can tell nothing new has been mentioned here as all I see is a screenshot of some with text that is highlighted saying it can and no legitimate information proving it.

By research, do you mean you googled “could the mitsubushui T-2 carry countermeasures”, and took the first thing you saw?

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No, the T-2/F-1 manuals don’t mention anything except chaff pods, and even then, chaff pods are only mentioned in the manuals for the T-2


If I recall correctly, there was some info in the old forums showing the loadouts of the T-2 and F-1.
T-2 apparently carried flares and chaff, but then F-1 only took chaff.
The way this could be explained is that because the F-1’s doctrine was focused more on Anti-Ship Warfare, there would be a higher chance of encountering radar-locked missiles as opposed to IR.

I’m still hoping that the devs would give it an exception for the sake of balancing, and not just constantly give us the L with “Historical Nerfs”.
I mean hey if you want to make it totally historical, give it the AIM-9Ls it had.


That’s funny, I would appreciate it if you could bring me proof that there is a flare on the T-2 and upload a post

Wait AN/ALE-41K only for T-2? Wasn’t there images of F-1s equipped with them?

Oh sweet you found the docs!

aaaaaaand I guess it didn’t have it at all… damn that’s actually sad.

Hey at least there’s chaff dispensers lol

EDIT: Oh bruh what the hell they didn’t even let the F-1 have the chaff dispensers? Ok now that doesn’t make ANY sense

how long does it take to implement something as simple as a chaff pod when you clearly have documentation for it? And where is it stated that the f1 can’t carry the chaff pod?

CM’s are treated as suggestions, so there’s not really any time frame of when or if they be added. Also it literally stats in official documents above that the F-1 wasn’t equipped with CM’s.

neither f1 or T2 documentation mentions ALQ 1 either yet there is evidence of it mounted on the inner pylon.

T2 and F1 weapon manuals are releasing today if i remember correctly so maybe someone can get their hands on them.

As for the source denies it, look at american f5c documentation, theres no mentions of flare and chaff dispensers either for the version we got or is there?

There is for the F-5A which is what the F-5C is.

Your best bet would be be david_bowie for getting the documents