T-14 Armata mod 2021

The Armata already has its APS, they’ve done testing with it too from what I’ve read.

Theres also a photo from the testing too

what i am saying is that 2a7v and 2a8 have the exact same armor, gajin just ducked up implementing it and we have pletny sources

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Есть с 152мм/Available with 152mm

It is fully finished? It has been for a while now.

The F-4E before the MiG-21Bis, then the F-4J with the MiG-23s.

The K2 is up with the Type-10 in terms of qualities. I’d consider it a middle-ground for generations of tanks.

Would call the K2 better than the Type 10 because of the better armor and more options for the customer. But it’s more in the generation of Leopard and Abram’s than Kf51 or T-14

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and now prove the armor part and gajin not ending up giving it cardboard armor like the ariete lol

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Well we have schematics of it and the gouvermenr claims the turret front can stop bulsae 5 aka North Korean Kornet. But yeah Gj being Gj again and nerfing nato armor

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yeah tahts the problem, gajin wants pure numbers

Small update on Vacuum and T-14 frontal hull armor.

First on Vacuum. I´ve slightly corrected penetration dimensions (all this from a patent) to 775x25.5mm. This is the updated L-O results. Again, MV is unknown however most likely its not higher than 1750 m/s, past that having a DU version of the projectile doesn´t make much sense.

Also I played around with photoshop to show how would the projectile with the propellant would look like (total length would be 971mm) and also compared to Svinets.


Now onto base hull armor. Its mostly a mistery, we´ve never had a full view of a naked hull however from pics taken inside the crew compartment we know that the backplate reaches back almost to the loader´s hatch lifting device and the front plate (based on past prototypes) reaches forward until the iddler wheel. With that in mind and using the roller wheels for reference (700mm) I estimate a front hull base armor 800mm long LOS.

Now, what does this mean regarding armor effectiveness estimation?

One thing we could rely on is using the same modifiers (physical LOS thickness to KE armor protection) of the last known, well sourced russian armor. In this case, it would be T-90A´s. While ideally I would opt to use its turret base armor for reference, it has its own complications (and Gj can do it on their own). So, using its UFP for reference (573mm LOS rated at 550mm KE) we can estimate it to 768mm KE. We could be extra conservative and go with 700mm KE, which is a completly non unbelievable value for an armor currently.

In addition, theres the Monolit NxRA. We don´t know what it performs like and we don´t know how it works either. However its clear that its flying plates are longer and likely thicker than Relikts. But in no case it would perform worse (personally I wouldn´t be surprised if Monolit performs twice as good as Relikt just like the latter is twice as good as K5).

So, the absolute baseline, low end estimation for T-14´s frontal protection vs KE (again, using worse modifiers than armor from 1989 and assuming Monolit isn´t any better than Relikt) is 950mm KE. If we weren´t so conservative, the combined protection might be well over 1000mm KE.


First of all it doesnt have Monolit ERA but Malachite ERA.

Also National Research seemed to have done a research or was let to know how that ERA works and it doesnt work likw any other ERA which relies on being hit first, but it works from electrical impulse, meaning ERA works before it was hit, thus hitting the projectile before it hit thw armour itself.

Considering these I would probably think it worls better against Tandem ATGMs, and probably works better against rounds that can piece K-5/Relikt.

Developers of Malachite also tell that they can fight these off, but of course dont let any of its charasteristics out.

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The “Malachite” thing has been going on for years and its nothing more than an internet thing. There is no mention of it being installed on Armata in any official source.

From the way Nii Stali describes it, Monolit doesn´t use traditional explosives but energetic materials, making it NxRA rather than ERA.

(and BTW yes, it has spall liners all around the crew compartment)

There is a lot of speculation of it being command activated (which in theory could make it a lot more efficient becuse you can program the optimal detonation moment for each type of projectile), but I won´t delve into it because its non condusive related to WT. What we can know from the outside is that its flyer plates are longer and placed at a more sloped angle than Relikt, which on itself should produce better results. Nevertheless, the point of my post was to establish an absolute baseline for T-14 front protection.


Патент на изобретение №2287763 (patent.su)

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Most likely, your Russian IP addresses are blocked…
Try it here…
RU2287763C2 - СПОСОБ ЗАЩИТЫ ОБЪЕКТОВ ОТ СРЕДСТВ ПОРАЖЕНИЯ - Яндекс.Патенты (yandex.ru)

Well its an old patent but its very possible Monolit uses a similar activation mechanism. If ERA/NxRA activation can be programed with different profiles tailored vs specific threats, it would become a lot more efficient.

This scheme looks like its related to the patent.


Here it is called “Active-Dynamic Protection” (ADZ)

Besides the possibility of activating at the most efficient moment, this has 3-4 flying plates, more than Relikt´s 2. (Which is way I speculate it may be twice as effective).

If the patent or the drawing mentioned anything about “energetic materials”, it would be as close as posible to a confirmation of its relation to Monolit.

However, an indication may be the first pic taken of a T-14 through a thermal camera. It shows that the Monolit tiles are actually emiting heat, for whatever reason.
T-14 thermal signature

According to the Polish measurement results, K2’s turret armor is only about 700mm, and its hull protection will only be worse than that of the turret, and its performance will not be better than that of m1a2sepv3

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