T-14 Armata mod 2021

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Hi guys. :)

Today i want to suggest the 2021 Production version of the T-14 Armata to War Thunder.


The Armata project began in 2011 and was a direct successor project of the Object 195 and were given the new designation Object 148. Which had it’s first “Prototypes” build in 2014 and succesfully went through prototype testing and were given the Tank designation T-14.
The T-14 is part of a series of chassis under the Armata platform. These include the T-15 HIFV, The T-16 recovery vehicle and other platforms. The T-14 Armata tank platforms has been promised to be able to come in multiple variants compared to the current first designation versions. Including a 152mm variant, a unmanned version and other variants.

Due to the “Heavy Price” of the tank and limited funds available from the “Russian Goverment”. The Armata Platform has only seen limited production runs. Also according to “Western Sources”. There have been major issues with getting acces to western semiconductors which is said Russia heavily relies on with it’s modern military equipment. And Issues with having the production facilities able to have the nececary machinery to make the tank on a larger scale compared to just setting up a few prototype tanks. And having enough mechanics and engineers getting the necerary courses in order to know how to make the new generation of tank compared the former T-72, T-80 and T-90 type of tanks.

The current number of tanks build is unknown. However the Russian MOD back in 2015 wanted to place an order of 2300 units of the vehicle. But this had to be scaled down and as of 2022. The order only sits on 132 vehicles of both the whole Armata Platform of vehicles. Including the T-14 Tank Chassis, The T-15 HIFV and the T-16 recovery vehicle.
The current number of vehicles to be claimed build varies. some sources still believe it’s still below 20 vehicles, while others claim that the production run is going to meet the 132 order by the end of 2022. But my best guess is that the true number may sit somewhere around 50+ as of this writing. While taking into the acount the situation the tank find itself in.

T-14 mod 2021 frontal hull compared to the T-14 mod 2018


The version of the T-14 Armata i am suggesting for the game is the 2021 version which has some minor changes comparred to the 2014 and 2018 models.
The first key note is the more thicker front of the tank compared to the other versions. It maight be increasment of the tanks composite armor thickness. But it most likely is quality of life improvements in form of layout of the components. Like ease of maintenance, adding Rubber to walk on simular to the T-14 mod 2018, and some other qualites.
However the main features of the tank stays the same. The tank features an “Unmanned Turret”. While the crew sits in an “Armored Capsule” isolated from the ammo. The ammunition load is believed to be 32 rounds for the carousel autoloader standing vertically. While It’s believed that additional 8 rounds can be stored in the turret rear.

T-14 Armata shell ejection
T-80BVM on Twitter: “Video from Rosoboronexport showing Armata tank firing, with the spent stub casing ejecting to the side https://t.co/VnjKGmjmZv” / Twitter

Shell ejector

Other relevant information, Credit BTVT Танк Т-14 «Армата» (btvt.info)






Crew. 3 Driver, Gunner, Comander.

Ammo. HE 3OF82, Vacuum-1 APFSDS aprox 950mm of Pen, 3UBK21 Sprinter ATGM, 9M119M Refleks ATGM, 3UBK25 Sokol-V ATGM.

Gun. 125mm 2A82-1M cannon.

Secondary. 2x 7.62 PKTM machine guns. ( Can also get installed 12.7mm Kord ).

Weight. 55+ Tons.

Engine. 12M360 A-85-3A 1500hp Diesel

Transmission. Automatic transmission with 8 forward gears. Unknown reverse gears.

Protection. Classified composite hull Armor. Claimed to protect against over 1000mm versus Kenetic. 1500mm versus HEAT. ERA Malachit/Monolit. Turret light composite able to resist up to 20mm autocannons.

In War Thunder

In War Thunder. The T-14 Armata variants of tanks would be a great “End of the Line” type of vehicle for the USSR Tech Tree. I personally believe that this vehicle should only be added once we reach BR of 12.0 or Higher. It could also be a good vehicle to get After the T-90M has been added in the Medium tank line.


I hope you guys enjoyed reading the suggestion. I am sure that these hyper modern vehicles will in the end come to the game at some point. But i am sure that with time and balance. We will be in for a great time with these type of vehicles.

Anyways see you in Battle! :)


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“Old Suggestion”
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Personally i would say that T-14 cant be in game because it is still not fully finished as they are still repairting it as it keep braking down…but Hey…Gaijin added 2S38…a vehicle that finished trials few months ago before it was added.


gonna be added sooner then KF51 Panther, Abrams X and propably even K2 Black Panther, the generations equivalent tanks, think the new generation should only be added with multiple others of that generation


Knowing Gaijin they like to add single meta things. Just look at the air battler. What F-14A was when it was added.


At the rate gaijins adding German rank 7 ground vehicles, itll be added sooner than the next TT german Leopard 2 ffs


The F-14 really wasnt that unbalanced, especially not when it was added since major issues like the radar missile nerf were still in effect at the time and it had the nasty habit of blowing its own wing off anytime you tried to turn for months after release. Nvm the fact its IR signature and CM suite are awful.

The F-14 was just really popular so you saw it a lot.

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It can dogfight better than most 12.0 aircraft, yet still carry 6 radar missiles which could be active radar homing to boot. People only think it CM are awful because they never throttle down whilst flaring. It was unbalanced, and to say otherwise is ridiculous because no other nation had a counter/ alternative.


K2 is not on Kf51 Abrams C or T-14 level. just because it’s relatively young means nothing K2 is comparable to a 2a6 with worse armor


Except, as you seem to not remember, and as I pointed out, radar missiles were nerfed into the ground for almost a year and didn’t get fixed until months after the F-14A was added to the game, so they were WILDLY unreliable as a weapon, and as stated, the F-14A also hadn’t received its fix to its wing strength and had a tendency to blow its wings off all the time. As for its CM suite, they were horrible considering the heat of the aircraft. The F-14A’s engines are hotter at 100% throttle than basically every other jet in-games engine at max afterburner, even cutting throttle and dropping flares was often not enough and many great pilots note that as a weakness of the F-14A.The MLD and J-7E were vastly comparable to it at the time and were much easier planes to fly as well.

As stated the community has a pretty skewed view of the F-14A because it was overplayed, not because it was actually OP like the MLD or the F-5E were when they were added.

I don’t think Gaijin would add fictional vehicles.


It is one of the few 4th gen tanks and not one that got constant upgrades, just like the t 10 that just isnt well implemented. but special mention for the K2 is its smart ammunition. Question is how well or even if gajin will implement it, additionaly there is reasons poland got themself the K2 even when they already got Arbams and Leopard versions

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+1, this would be in line with M1A2 SEPv3 and Leopard 2A8


Indeed. Haters be damned.


I don’t see a reason this couldn’t be added along with sufficiently capable NATO tanks.

Sure the real tank might not work reliably enough for front line service but the real Ferdinand’s transmission spontaneously self-combusted when driving uphill and that’s not modeled in game. Sure Russia might not have the capability to mass produce it but plenty of tanks like the Black Night were produced in even lower numbers. And in both of these cases the additions were, in my opinion, good for the game.


And torsion bars on all tanks break with sufficient downward force.
WT is about the perfect representation of tanks, not going for historical errors in production.

Well the reason is that they weren’t allowed to join MGCS Programm. That’s why they went towards Korea.

I am sure it will show up in all its hypothetical glory.


Have to find a exact documentation, but number of sources saying that T-14 armata’s transmission is built-in reverse, so basically 8 forward, 8 reverse.

Too early, too little information on it. Other countries sure might have something like Thumper, but something more modern like KF-51, Abrams X can be forgotten about for a simple reason on being prototypes we dont fully know all about, and both of these being no interest for the armies of both countries. IMO Object 195 should come first, with worse APDSFS, armour, with things like Thumper.


+1. This will be in game eventually just not now. But still a yes from me. Dont know why so much no’s, I guess too much Ukraine fanboys.