T-14 Armata mod 2021


Doesnt look close to 2E58, so its different model for sure. Too early to talk of specs probably.

It’s a different model and a different company…(2E58 is the VNII Signal)…
This is a series of stabilizers from OAO SKB PA …



RU2526292C1 - СТАБИЛИЗАТОР ТАНКОВОГО ВООРУЖЕНИЯ - Яндекс.Патенты (yandex.ru)

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Omegalol, adding the T-14 is copium at an elite level

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Dont we just love that copium?

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Cause there’s like 3 of them in mothballed exsistance somewhere? Basically a paper tank lol

I mean there is at least 4 of them per the military parade in 2021.

And there is maybe at least a dousin at this point in time.

Even if there was 90% of a single tank it would still be eligable for the game anyways.

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At least 14 are known existed under trial and under development.
With your logic, Abrams X and KF51 should be considered as paper tank.


Its a more modern Abrams TTB. I dont see the issue of adding it in the near future even. The only major hurdle is knowing the frontal armor composition, coverage and shape.

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Big deal however production is in real life: it is a functioning vehicle, it is perfectly eligible for the game.

"paper tank"



Even if there were “paper tanks”, why shouldn´t be added to the game anyway?

Most players and gaijian don’t want to.

It starts with paper tanks & then it devolves into whatever it is World of Tanks has going on where the devs keep pulling stuff out of their ass.

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Prototypes and questionably realistic vehicles in Warthunder already have a reputation for being unbalanced too

Its years late to make that case. USSR is the tree least benefited with made up vehicles and failed prototypes magically working like they never could in reality. Besides, T-14 is already in initial series production, making it much less of a “paper tank” than stuff like Maus.


Are they not just hot from the sun or something? If I’m understanding the idea right, it doesn’t seem like power should be flowing (and thus heat generated) unless something has penetrated the ERA there and/or triggered the magnetic sensors.

It seems like a pretty bad idea for quite a few reasons to have high voltage power constantly pulsing through the outer-most armor of your tank, especially when facing NATO which has a massive advantage in thermal imaging over you. Might as well stick the T-90A’s IRCM lights on the front while they’re at it.

If you want a magnetic field for you to detect a metal rod approaching, you will have to have a coil of wire generating it and that will generate some amount of heat due to the current needed to generate it

The stronger the magnetic field the more power it will draw. I don’t know what kind of field you need to detect the approaching rod, but diamagnetism/paramagnetism is afaik not the easiest to detect.

If it was becuase of the sun, the most of the surfice would have the same type of temperature. Instead, here only the Monolit blocks show a higher temp. It might be a maskirovka/disinfo thing but also might be related to how they are supposed to work.