T-14 Armata mod 2021

It never had finished autoloader, IIRC, shootings tests were done without one.
Also recently enough it finally got its deserved place in Kubinka Tank Museum.

To back this up, theres proposals for how to fit even bigger shells into autoloader for T-90M, and to fit that into basis, you would have to stretch it up to 160mm more, if you look at width of T-14, its only 120mm wider, meaning it would be impossible to fit Vaccuums series, if it had old style autoloader.
(thats without its side ERA, considering tracks whcih are 20mm wider, meaning hull is maybe about 80mm wider, still impossible to fit Vaccuums into horizontal autoloader). (found an image showing that width of T-90 hull is 2210mm, meanwhile on T-14 its 2308, only 98 mm wider, around what I supposed it to be)
Russian patent from 2010.
However I am sure this patent doesnt fully aplly to T-14, as it doesnt have same placement as on V-2 series of engines in T-90/T72, but an X type engine with transmission in monoblock.
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Another one from 2012.

We need to add this. We also need a VT-4 and M1A3 abrams at the same time.

VT-4 will be added earlier, that is a gen 3 tank, comparable to current modern tanks, M1A3 is in the plans and doesnt exist yet. The T-14 Armata would come together with the likes of KF51, Abrams X, EMBT, Leo 2a8

Isnt it just lost cause there as army is not interested in it? Unless all needed info gets provided, ofc.

Abrams X is tech demo nothing more wont happen

@aDSD the Leo 2 PSO , was a Tech Demonstrator as well, tech demonstrators are viable to be added as well, as long as they were able to fire the cannon i think

Leopard 2 PSO was presented 17 years or so ago, books were made discussing about it IIRC, Abrams X is like brand new IIRC and doesnt have as much sources about it.
I think newer SEP versions or M1 TTB or CATTB would have more info on them.

arguably the same for the T-14, besides that those tanks are a few years into the future, more will be known

Sure that can be said, but as any other tank in service, no matter of amount it will get its tricks told out (like 3BM59 was for example, as well as possible sabot of Vaccuum series), while Abrams X components or armour might as well be used in future projects, meaning it wont just get told out for nothing.
These are 2015 and 2022 vehicles either way, sure there are 2020&2022/2023 vehicles in game, yet these arent the same are PL, 2S38, KF-41.


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that and Puma are terrible implementation either way, gajin didnt know enough about those vehicles and they got a terrible model that needed to be correctted by the community and awaits implementation

Agreed, which is probably why we wont see either discussed in minimum 2 years.

honestly would be more likely that we even could see the not even produced 2A8 yet compared to T-14 Armata, only because the basic leopard is well known and the addition of RWS and APS realy isnt anything all to gigantic

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