T-14 Armata mod 2021

They put a regulator on the reverse so crews would not crash and damage the tank.

Okay imma be real
I unironically do not trust the russians on this


Whats so unbelievable about it?

You see american vehicle weighting 54,4 tons going max 72 km/h (a cap) is fine but 55 or so tons vehicle going 75 km/h (probably a cap) with same engine horsepower is not.


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Armata weight estimates range between 48 and 55 tons. The speed of 75 km/h is based on a weight of approximately 52 tons.

Ultimately, Armata’s speed will vary depending on what weight the developers accept as an estimate, between 48 and 55 tons. The closer it is to 48 tons, the faster it is, and conversely, the closer it is to 55 tons, the slower it is.

Perfect, hopefully this means a tank that can actually reverse can be added.

Yes it gonna play completly different than all other soviet style tanks. I can´t imagine if its going to be broken or not.

On a different note, I believe I accomplised a rather accurate measurement of the hull roof steel thickness. There is a margin of error because I had to extrapolate measurements from different pictures, work around different angles, etc., but I´m feeling positive about it:

I started with the measurement of the hatch and used it for reference when measuring the roof steel plate.

Started with the width of the tank, 3820mm:

Then meassured this section of the hatch opening mechanism

That same part is fully visible in this shot:

And in the same shot, using the hatch mechanism as reference I got to measure the base roof thickness:

So its either 60 or 65mm thick. Any of these options are significantly thicker than roof armor on other soviet/russian tanks (35 or 45mm, can´t remember well).

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nice CGs. Is it made by Uralvagonzavod? Want to see source for it.

As far as I know these aren´t CGs and were first published by Andrei Tarasenko, who is usually one of the authoritative guys regarding the soviet/post soviet tank stuff. However as usual he didn´t clarify where he got the pics from, just put his own watermark on them.