T-10M should move down to 8.0BR in realistic battles

The T-10M is not competitive at its current BR and should move down by 0.3BR. As the T-10A is 7.7BR with the same armor it wouldn’t cause any issues with tanks not being able to penetrate the tank. It would however allow it to survive the reload time (19.5s stock) a bit better than it can right now. Even with most tanks moving up it will still see vehicles with thermals, laser rangerfinders, APFSDS and exceptional mobility. These tanks all have extremely low reaction times and will always have the first shot on bigger maps where the T-10M is performing even worse thanks to not having a rangefinder at all. Its armor is a bit weaker than the one on the IS-3 at 7.0BR (T-10M cupola weakspot / IS-3 no weakspot) and much thinner than the one found on the IS-4 at 7.7BR. Because of the long reload and the shells being stored all around the tank you can’t usually bring different ammo types as you’re risking to get your ammunition blown up if you take too many shells.

Furthermore the T-10M (8.3BR) is worse than the Object 279 (8.7BR) in almost all aspects (them being: frontal/side armor, penetration, reload speed (19.5s vs 11.1s stock), forward/backward top speed, HP/T ratio, Obj279 having a rangefinder while the T-10M does not, …) while only being 0.3BR apart. This shouldn’t be the case.

It shouldn’t be the same BR as some of the 7.7BR heavy tanks like the M103, T32, Maus or Conqueror because even though they outperform it in a few ways like survivability or penetration the T-10M is a bit better overall.

Yes 7.0BR heavy tanks wouldn’t be able to penetrate it easily but thats normal for every heavy vs heavy fight in a full uptier (5.7BR vs 6.7BR, 6.7BR vs 7.7BR and even 7.7BR vs 8.7BR). Light and medium tanks can still combat it effectively. The problems occurs if the tank can’t fight vehicles that are only 0.3BR or 0.7BR higher and thats exactly whats happening to the T-10M.

8.0BR would be the perfect spot for it because there it would face no lineups that don’t have at least 2 tanks that can counter it with HEAT and their superior mobility. Along with the current adjustment causing many mid tier vehicles to go up to where they should be it would still be facing them but would no longer see 9.3BR vehicles that saw it as a free kill before. This way it can’t kill 6.7BR vehicles like the other 7.7BR heavies and will finally be playable again. It’s sad to see such an iconic soviet vehicle performing this poorly at its current BR and I hope it gets lowered in the summer BR changes.

Thanks in advance!

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Reason: Decompression > Compression.


It will be disaster for WW2 vehicles without HEAT, APDS.

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Your biggest thing here is that the Object 279 is 8.7 while being better.

So your complaint can also be fixed by just making the Object 279… 9.0.

Having the T-10M at 8.0 while the T-10A stays at 7.7 makes no sense given the T-10M has:

  • A significantly more powerful 122 mm cannon
  • Improved turret front armor
  • Improved mobility
  • Significantly more powerful machineguns
  • Full stabilizer instead of a vertical stabilizer that doesn’t work past 24 km/h

And that would just be a 0.3 BR gap.


No, I use it.

The T-10M performs well, i have not have any big problems with it. Moving it down to 8.0 would just make it even more broken in downtiers…

Well first 7.7 and 8.0 is a massive difference as it wont be seeing 6.7 WW2 vehicles. Secondly premium vehicles should be slightly less effective than the tech tree counterpart to even make grinding the tree worth it. Anything that penetrates the T-10A also penetrates the T-10M. The Conqueror sits at 7.7 with a better shell, rangefinder, much better survivability and better armor against HEAT and APDS. All of this and it can see vehicles like the T26E5, Tiger 2H, T-44 and AMX M4 that can do nothing to it if they dont hit the lower hull which likely wont even kill the conqueror. The only tank that would really have a bad time against the T-10M is the T29 but that tank already struggles against the T-10A and it wouldn’t make much of a difference as a heavy tank obviously wont be effective in a full uptier.

TLDR: almost no vehicles at 7.0 and the T-10A should be weaker than its tech tree counterpart

What WW2 vehicles does it face except from the T29 and T95 (Maus and SPAA dont count)? Their problem with the T-10 is the armor and they already see the T-10A. They will only be facing the T-10M in a full uptier. The armor is practically the same on both versions.

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Wdym compression there are almost no 7.0 vehicles now and this space can be used to move some vehicles down that need to get away from thermal LSRF dart cars. 7.3 sees the T-10M already and 7.0 is not at risk because there is nothing that won’t be able to defend itself.

How is it broken in downtiers? Everyone has HEAT making your armor useless and your reload is too long to act as a light/medium tank.

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Wdym compression there are almost no 7.0 vehicles now and this space can be used to move some vehicles down

What? That does not mean moving vehicles down is not compression.

that need to get away from thermal LSRF dart cars.

no my guy, decompression. Stop asking for compression.


Not every downwards BR adjustment is compression it simply fills out the 8.0 spot because it’s not good enough to fight the vehicles it currently faces. Compression would be putting it at 7.7 which is something I didn’t ask for.

Not every downwards BR adjustment is compression

You’re right, but 99% of the time it is, and in this case… it is.

The tank is fine btw. Good even. Had a great time with it in worse matchmaking.


No, T-10M is currently staying at 8.0 while all the MBTs and ATGM carriers that out class it around its BR range are going up 0.3 around it.

Its getting a pseudo 0.3 BR drop already without the need to compress it against poor late WW2 vehicles that have zero nope of ever penning it.

The T-10M is at 8.3BR it should go to 8.0 or else it will still see the same tanks as before.

And again what WW2 vehicles does it face?

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You have no chance of ever leaving your spawn if you get sniped across the map due to almost all of the tanks in your game having at least a LSRF and often they get thermals and APFSDS as well along with half the reload time. How is that good?

My mistake, but my point still stands. Its staying while everything else is going up around it, so its getting a pseudo BR buff anyway.

Even after them going up by 0.3 it will still see the thermals, APFSDS and LSRF cars around at the br. At 8.0 it won’t hurt anyone but it will make the T-10M more playable. Right now it’s worse than the Maus…

So? Plenty of tanks still have that issue, including other tanks that are also going up 0.3 as well (M60A1 AOS is just one example off the top of my head) heck the Leopard A1A1 has no thermals and no LZRF and is 8.7 going to 9.0.

You cant make every single tank in the game that doesnt have those things just not face them ever. You’ll be seeing them a lot less often when they go up and the T-10 doesnt.

The Leopard A1A1 has a dart, good reload and average mobility. It’s a much better tank and while not being the best at soon 9.0 it can compete. The T-10M is a still only a heavy tank with a stab and a good engine.