T-10M is useless

Getting OHKO frontally by this leKPz M41 with a really puny-looking gun a 6.7? does it ever survive getting shot by anything? makes me mad that Russian make junks like this.

It’s very OK in my experience. Having a massive APHE round at this tier is an underated advantage, you overmatch a lot and oneshot a lot too. It’s decently mobile for it’s size, with a good reverse gear, one of the last of these you’re going to be getting. You also get a roof mounted and coaxial 14.5mm gun, which is very effective against light armor. You can chew through Foxes like crazy.

The armor isn’t great, except for the turret, which I find is underrated. It’ll bounce APDS and some weaker HEAT shells. It’s hard to find hull down spots for it, but if you do you’d be surprised and what you can bounce in downtiers. APFSDS goes right through it obviously, but it’s not a given you’ll be fighting that every game at 8.3. Overall, it’s better than the 8.7 Chieftains, so keep that in mind.

It’s primary weakness is the reload, which is bad enough that you’ll want to play it more passively. You’ll want distance, cover, and ideally friendlies between you and your enemies while on reload. Keep that in mind, and it’s a pretty decent, if somewhat awkward to use tank.

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As far as I observed it has worse front armor than T-55AM which is only .3br higher which also slightly more mobile, on top of having APS to slug off ATGMs it also has no ammo inside the turret, the ufp is shit unlike the double layers of T-55AM, then lacks of range finders and also take twice as long to reload, there is really no reason to play 8.3 is all you are getting is 9.3 like 8 out of 10 matches lol

The heavy as a concept was basically obsolete in the cold war and are replaced by mbts as they did irl and in game, play it like a somewhat slow mbts instead of relying on it armour, the gun is pretty decent with the aphe and the yummy coaxial 14.5mm. The armor is still somewhat viable at 8.3 tho so it isn’t that bad. Pretty good mid to late game backup tank imo.

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Comparing any of the conventional tanks around this tier to the -AMs, especially 8.3 ones, is setting yourself up for disappointment. They are the heads above not only the lower tiers, but a lot of the weaker 8.7s as well (T-62, Cheiftains, Object 435, etc). It’s a bit of an unfair metric.

This is where the compression really starts to kick in for ground. The 8.0s and 8.3 generally get massively outshone by the 8.7s. At least the T-10M has the combo of decent mobility, decent firepower and a full stabilizer, so it’s not rendered completely obsolete in slight uptiers like a lot of the weaker tanks in this range.