System thanks for spending time with us routes to non existent page

I had a “System” message telling me I’m going up a trust level for spending time on the forums. It came with an invite to fill out my profile but clicking the link returned a " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."


I have encountered oops! that page doesnt exist or is private for all the old forum posts ive tried to look up…so much for read only

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add old- before forum in the link.

You can also now access the old forum via the link at the bottom of the new forum.

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It should redirect to this page:

Can you access that? Not sure why the system message is giving you a dead link, but it’s the same place.

I tried going there manually but then i get this error:
" Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."

The new trust system is flawed in my opinion. The fact it limits people so much and there are a few abusable things in it which I have heard and seen makes it not the best. Why can’t we go back to the old system?

Hmm… seems your profile doesn’t exist, that’s really weird. I can’t even access it nor can I find it at all. I will notify our CMs about this. Sorry for the trouble.


You most likely saw default Discourse trust level system. It is completely customizable, and we have customized ours and will continue to edit for the needs of our community. What you see on default Discourse trust levels are not what we have here, generally speaking.

But, this is unrelated to this topic. If you want to discuss the forum, you can do so here:

So weird. Same like the people in my house they act like they see a ghost everytime I walk by. I’ve been living here for 368 years and have never seen a ghost.

Or it’s because I have an xbox linked account? Maybe some backend in the accounting system there is weird. Dunno, just a thought.

Also, this account is also used on the Enlisted forums. I believe it’s a similar system so maybe x-check there?

There seems to be a problem with xbox and psn accounts. Our web developers are investigating now. I am a moderator for Enlisted forums too, i dont think ive seen this issue over there. Thank you for the info!

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@El Bananito@live Hi! Your profile is fixed. Try the link again. There was an issue with PSN and Xbox accounts on the forum. It should be fixed now.

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At a glance that seems to have fixed it. Many thanks.

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Is it required to fill out my profile?
Like necessary?

No, not necessary. You can if you feel like it or want to. It’s optional.