Swedish BR

i have a problem with the swedish J32B Lansen, its BR is too big , it cant manuever as good as other planes on that br, its missiles suck ass (u can outrun the misiles). I cant even play a game where i dont get missile spammed by a lvl 10 kiddo in a premium F5 or Mig, i cant forget the SU25 with R60M.
Solution: bring up the BRs of planes with all aspect missiles

Not nearly the only plane with that issue tbh.
The whole 9.0-11.3 bracket is messy as all hell


Just barrel roll, and you can get away from any R-60 fairly easily by draining its energy.

Yep, decompression would be nice, but overall the J32B is fine. I preffer flying the J29F at 0.3 lower, but its not like the J32B is suffering much

The whole 9.0-11.3 bracket is messy as all hell

This. Air needs to decompress out to like 15.0 at this point but this is all getting out of hand faster than Snail God is able to handle. Only the most OP of planes are having any fun in ARB top tiers.

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I mean, yes. The old excuse of “but long queue times” is not an option anymore really because of the massive player numbers, at least from I can see.

90% of those players are low to mid tier and spread out amongst the various game modes. Furthermore we don’t have vehicles to reach that BR.

thats an option too but only when the su 25 is behind u othervise u are dead

I mean, if you are going head on to a SU-25 or A-10 that is gping towards you. That is a skill issue

well even if u arent head on with a aim9l/R60m it still could kill u from the side, rahter play the SK60B then grind the draken