Swedish aircraft need some fixes and additions to be competitive against other nation BR counterpart

Currently, the state of Swedish aircraft is quite bad. After the removal of the tracer rounds the gap between nations became even more obvious. Sweden has aircraft that have the same BR as another aircraft in a different nation that outperforms in every aspect and outguns it.

The tracer removal for historical accuracy is always good, and I support that. However, the reason why the Swede’s were flying without tracer rounds is because they had targeting guidance to assist them. Also another reason why they held so little ammo because they could take accurate-ish shots rather than blindly firing based on their bullet ballistic knowledge.

Below I have raised some issues to inform Gaijin and hopefully correct the aircrafts. This is not a completed list by any standard, just the one’s I have made so far.

If by any chance there is some problems or inaccuracy in these raised issues, please point them out. I try to cross reference as many sources as possible but mistakes can happen. Either comment it down or DM it to me. Thank you!

(Seems new users can only post 2 links, so if you click on one of these issues and click on my profile, you should be able to see all of them. If not let me know as well)

Missing targeting computer on J32B Lansen

J35D missing targeting computer and ballistics computer


Yea its weird that the draken, the FIRST production fighter with radar gunsight lacks one.

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