Swedish 30mm ammo

By far the most annoying guns to play because they “have no tracers” despite using tracers (HE-T) known as Ovnpjr m/55 and m/55b. It’s almost impossible to play these guns, because one game I’ll hit every shot, and the next, miss all of them because I can’t see where my shots are going. I swear, if someone says skill issue, I’m gonna lose it, because every other gun gets tracers, I know the velocity, it just doesn’t do it sometimes though.


the ovnpjr (or övningsprojektil) is a practise round.
sure it has a tracer in it. but it also has almost no penetration, its made for training.

I mean if you want a belt of shells that includes tracer practice rounds (like on the old Hispanos) sure, go right ahead

Unironically, I might opt for that. The 30mms are incredibly lethal in every other respect, I don’t think swapping every 4th round for a blank tracer would hurt them too much, and on the other hand it would make them so much easier to aim that even with gimped damage I’d be able to do far more.

If nothing else, they could serve their intended purpose, training me on the shell trajectory so I could go back to using the non-tracer belts, but with some idea of where the shells are going.


I’ve heard the reason for not including a tracer component in the 30mm shells was due to J35 having a target lead indicator (Which is not modeled in game)

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Well, there are multiple other planes with 30mm’s that don’t, the J34, SK60/SAAB 105, J32B, AJ-37, and AJS37.

A projectile is still a projectile, it might not do much damage, but it will still put a hole in something.

Maybe make a suggestion and/or bug report? Idk, bring attention to it somehow

I am not the OP, and don’t have the information he claims to that the Ovnpjr m/55 and m/55b shells have a tracer. A simple Google search gives me nothing with English sources, and I don’t speak Swedish. So it would be on him to make the post, though I’ll gladly support it.


Munitions Register Cir. 1984

This doesn’t say wether it has tracer or not.

Its just a box around 2 different practise projectiles

Old forum post explains it better, linking it here.

Cool, give us the option to use it.

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Will, like I said, it’s a kenetic projectile still, so it’s still going to pepper the enemy plane a bit.

Old forum is speculative about a silver tipped projectile and not White tipped which is what one would expect from a tracer as far as i can tell in Sweden. (Edit: except the silver tipped one doesn’t appear to be the 30mm cartridge? So yeah speculative about silver projectiles that have been pointed out to be duds)

You would also expect it to be labeled “slprj” According to how they do their 7.62mm cartridge at the very least.

Terminology usage is also called out further down in the thread that its inconsistent with what one would expect.

A chart showing the approximate makup of the projectile is present further down in the same thread you linked:

Edit: nvm old-forum doesn’t seem to show any indication that there is a slprj for the 30mm cannon

Edit2: so yeah the evidence for a tracer round is weaker than i thought. Possible some experimentally or low volume rounds existed, but probably not easy to find evidence of those

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