Swedish 30mm ammo

A further list


Might this help? Or nil?

I have found that, with most nations, different colored tips vary between small arms and high calibers.

Here is a live övnpjr m/55


No it just shows that the 2 practice rounds correspond to the other 2 projectiles in terms of weight.

And also confirms VBAND and HBAND are just reffering to left feeding and right feeding linkages for the belt.

So that kinda just rules out those two practice projectiles tbh. You will need to find a different projectile.

Silver just indicates its a dud. A fully silver shell and projectile is for “dry” firing or practise loading.

Then for the brass one?

The yellow one? Presumably HE.

It doesn’t say “slprj” But instead “mgr”. " Gr" Presumably indicating “granat” which would be HE.

No, no, this one.

Yeah thats a normal “live” brass case with a “dud” projectile. Either ovnprj M/55 or ovnprj M/55B.

Here’s the c/s


On all of the pictures I’ve see, the firing primer has not been dimpled, or “fired.”

Yes, this just shows the different density fillings as expected from them having different weight.

No indication of any tracer. In fact id argue this points against the possibility of this being a tracer round.

Well, in another note, why would Sweden not use tracers on a high RPM gun with little ammo? As for some aircraft, the AJ37 and AJS37 have a ballistic targeting system, but not other aircraft, could this be looking to another direction of inaccuracies of the aircraft? Considering the SK60 and SAAB 105 don’t have a radar or a gun computer, and the AJ37 and afaik the AJS37 doesn’t have a radar gun sight.

Idk, go read their doctrine on what they expect their jet fighters to do.

Anyways here comparison between the filling of different 20mm rounds. Notice what all the tracer rounds have in common:

They didn’t tend to use tracers because they had gyro gun sights…

Where are they?

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So tracers boasted less explosive filler? As for their doctrine, I know about it, but what does that have to do with their ammo?

No, they have a dedicated cavity for the tracer material that burns during flight.

If the doctrine doesn’t create the need for tracer ammo. Why make it?

Idk why they dont have any, but clearly they didn’t see a need.

Gyro gun scopes and Radar gun sights?

Like i said:

That is short for Slukprojektil or in english APDS OR APCR

No its:

Aka, “trace light projectile”. In this training table with a nice diagram to show the composition of the slprj showing the filler as: “lyssats” Or “light filler”

Presumably you are reffering to “slpprj”, which is APDS

Oh my bad, swedish short designations are a pain to remember. Nevertheless cool diagram.