Swedish 30mm cannons need their tracers back

Tanks is another matter besides that, they still use ammunition that was in their service, in the mean time the guy cant even tell us which specifc ammunition he would want

I dunno.

So far I got more gunkills with my Draken in Sim than missile kills, and I’d be the first to state that I’m not a great A/A gunner…

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There are a ton of planes that don’t have their historical load outs - many planes that have access to Aim 9Bs should also get Aim 9Es for example.

We don’t even have historical match making anymore.

Gaijin jiggles stuff around all the time to make it fit better into a ‘game’ environment.

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still didnt name the exact ammunition you would want that has to be able to be fired from the swedish cannons

30mm M/75 tracer.

It’s all here with documents, as it’s been discussed before:

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Just add the Practice-T that the ADEN / DEFA have access to.

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if you read throught the actual post you would realise that it is infact not a tracer round but a training round with no tracer filling


those cant be shot by the swedish gun can they?, thats the problem

Why wouldn’t either of the two Swedish 30mm designs?
The m/55 is a licensed production 30mm ADEN Mk 4 which uses 30x113mmB and as shown a Practice-T shell does exist for the DEFA and thus is compatible.

The m/75 is a license built KCA which uses 30x173mm which is STANAG standard #4264 compliant so can load all 30x173mm ammo, so just add one of the numerous shells that include a tracer.

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if it would be that easy would be great, but companies still love to add their own additions to the cannons that might hinder the ability to use them for all we know, like the Puma getting an extra catching mechanic to improve accuracy (not implemented into the game and acknowledged) and making it impossible to use the faster firing mode.
What is needed is prove that the guns actualy fired the ammunition in question as a test at least and then yeah sure could be an alternative

But the real answer is that gajin needs to fix the gun lead to an acceptable lvl that it can be used right.

Besides that next patch you guys are getting the Grippen, rejoice my friends it will have the Mauser BK-27 which has tracer ammunition! you will be freed from the curse neitherless

Do you somehow think that if the balloon had gone up that the logistical side of things would care? STANAG quite literally deals with compliance and standardization of systems if it was cleared on one gun that met the specification it can be fired by all others that meet it.

Would it be a good idea to run rounds that have a sabot though a GAU-8, no but can it be done, yes. the same way M977 TP-T could be but due to the low impulse cartridge design it probably wouldn’t cycle the ADEN due to it using a gas tap cycle instead of external power to cycle the bolt like the M230(AH-64 / AH-1) does.

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so what you are saying it should definitly not be done because it would destroy the cannon in the end or should at least have an increased chance to jam if an ammo belt with them is used gotcha

But like i said, you guys are getting tracers with grippen so just chill

I’m sorry for bit necro but, were pilots in real life at that time aiming ADEN/Akan 30mm cannons at targets without tracers?

From what I have seen of the F-2 Sabre documentation and gun camera footage, it had a very large smoke trail instead of the same lack of tracers.

I guess ADEN/AKAN may have smoke trail as well…

I also want tracer ammo, and I support players with evidence to submit suggestions.

Have been told it’s because they used some form of radar lead indicator therefore no need for tracers. (i.e. they basically had EEGS)

If you have documents confirming the presence of a tracer projectile for guns/cannons, we will study these documents.

The only issue is that it either doesn’t exist, or noone can post evidence of it like the last thread:

And when people do post evidence, it actually just adds to the evidence that there likely werent any in broad use.

What about smoke trails?

They were complently invisible?

Most swedish planes with Akan m/55 had lead assist radar, the only exception i know of is the J29D as it was only a test platform for the m/55s and never actually used in the J29. Potentially the first version of the SK60 could be without also but thats out of my knowledge. Later SK60 (thats the designation used in the swedish airforce for all of them, Saab-105 was never used in sweden but was only for export), J35 and AJ37 all had lead assisting radar and should be modeled ingame just like the JA37, but it was removed/not implemented due to balance, i have argued in the passed that if a function was removed due to balance, then tracers from Adens could be added as a balance, J34 used tracers because they lacked lead radar, so the belts did excist in the Swedish Airforce, just never used on planes with lead assist. I still say add the real thing and if it´s unbalanced, bump BR of swedish planes a notch and it´s not an issue, atleast for the sk60/105/J32B/J35D/AJ37, the XS and AJS won´t matter much as there in all aspect era where guns are less usefull with or without lead assist radar. I can´t produce documents on it now but i can try reach out to swedish airforce museum and ask. I did my military service back in the late 90is on the Air defence, knowing exact speccs on friendly planes was part of the course.

You could argue that since the J29D was only a test platform for the M/55s they most likely didnt set up the non tracer belts for it but rather used British Aden belts for the test runs, hence that could be equipped with tracers without being realisticly faulty