Sweden BR change. Rank 6 is a joke at this point

Sweden Rank 6 is now extremely tough, with the following aircraft at their current BR’s :

  1. J32B ‘Lansen’ : 9.3
  2. J29F ‘Tunnan’ : 9.0
  3. J34 AKA ‘Swedish Hunter’ : 9.0
  4. The A32A is fine at BR : 9.0

These aircraft (1-3) lack countermeasures, and already this is a problem. No, I’m not saying they need them, but need to be moved down in terms of ARB battle rating, the reason being the J32B faces Frontal aspect missiles already, lacking maneuverability, countermeasures and possibly speed, the Lansen can not out-run, out turn, out gun most of its opponents. Now I do understand it carries 4xRB24 missiles, but those are only equal to AIM9B’s which are extremely unreliable against anything Around Supersonic speeds or that has countermeasures. I propose its BR gets moved to 9.0 from 9.3, respectfully.

Now the Tunnan was always fine at 9.0, but as of recent developments in War Thunder, it is no longer a well suited Fighter, facing many opponents with flares and frontal aspects, simply making it difficult to find good opportunities in a match. I propose it gets moved from 9.0 to 8.7, As I see it to be very similar to the G91, with two less missiles but a bit faster.

Now the ‘Swedish hunter’. Average speed, two RB24’s, No countermeasures OK armament, Less maneuverable but faster than the Tunnan, and I will say it again, no Flares. TBH this plane fits perfect at 8.7, its simply a worse Scimitar F1.

And a last possible suggestion is that the J35D ‘Draken’ fits better at 10.0 rather than 10.3 since it has no countermeasures, simply getting deleted in uptiers, all it has going for itself is a bit of speed and above-average maneuverability but it still gets out-classed.

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Anyone have thoughts on this?

If they follow the roadmap and add different BRS for strike aircraft and fighter aircraft for air RB and Ground RB these things will definitely go down the reason they’re high is because they’re OP in ground.

I stopped researching Swedish jets (and almost all nations) because tier 6 is mostly terrible to play

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I get they are OP cas, I really do, and cas in general is OP, but in ARB they are terrible, and it amazes me what aircraft these things are up against. And as for Ground RB, simply keep the current BR

I know I know just hold out a little longer until they implement the separate BRs


The J29F, J32B and J34 lack any useful air to ground ordinance. At best, you get a few dumbfire rockets with no CCIP. The guns are mediocre too, they’re just Hispanos (Or 30mms with the same penetration but much less ammo)

As for the A32, it’s almost a downgrade to the SAAB-105G at 8.3. You get better flight performance, sure, but fewer bombs, all of which are smaller than 2 of the ones on the 105G if you bring gunpods, or all 4 if you bring missiles instead.

If you want a vehicle to be lower in BR you need to play it worse.