Sweden and Isreal, seek and destroy problems

Several nations have at least 2 aircraft that launch Fox 3 (with the exception of Sweden, Japan and Germany).
Saab makes the gripen, which is a SWEDISH company, and every other nation has easy access to gripens with fox 3, except Sweden, which has to grind a new gripen and then do a stock grind to have the rb99, when Brist and Italy they just need to research the missile.
I don’t see any problem with adding Gripen C to Sweden, but at least a little fun for Swedish players until the new Gripen is released, give RB99 to Gripen A, in real life it operates the missile, which changes from version A to C is the integration of new weapons for NATO, it is very frustrating to play the Gripen hugging the deck with my 6 aim9m, when the other nations that have access to the Gripen have fun with fox 3.
Second problem is the improved base, why do all the nations that have access to the F15C, only Israel’s do not have TWS and HMD, Israel is the second largest operator and user of the F15, it only loses to the USA, why does Israel’s new F15 not have TWS/HMD ?
Netz is no longer enough in BR 12.3 without missiles with IRCCM, now Israel’s top dog plane doesn’t have TWS and its best launch platform for Fox 3 is the Barak II.
Are Israel and Sweden really that complicated nation at that point? to deserve such punishment


whats the point now grinding out sweden air techtree, brit and italy had gripen c.
now i need to grind another gripen just to get access to fox 3


Them giving some nations just a mod to research for unlocking access to multiple amraams while some have to grind for 420k plane and roughly 120k mods before amraams is insane. Yesterday was only against full F16C teams that easily just wiped out the minor nations on the otherside without ever seeing them while we were either defending against or just straight up died at the beginning of a match.

In game one nation should not have such an unfair advantage on everyone else.

this update was seriously screwed as how it was performed.

im still mad about needlessly putting gripen A to swedish tt while they could have just added C variant while everyone else got it.


The Gripen A is 12.7, and is a 12.7 option.
Making Gripen A 13.0 alongside Gripen C makes zero sense unless you hate Sweden.

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It makes sense that you have to spend another 520k rp to have access to the new stuff that other nations that have the Gripen spend 20k rp.
this is fair?
and I hate Sweden. pls bro


I can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree with Alvis here.

Having the two option, one lacking the ARH missile and being lower BR, is nice. I’d rather grind out an extra plane rather than lose what little variety the tree already has. It also gives Sweden, the home country of the Gripen, a unique variant which they rightfully deserve.
and I’m a Sweden main.

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The dev server went 2 weeks straight and they didnt made any redical change to the Baz Meshupar in this whole 2 weeks…but the sec it went live it got gimped .

u can guess why :)

A unique variant in which you are constantly uptiered. I would rather not have that (And I main sweden also)

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Im a sweden main and i personally prefer being able to play the gripen a at all.

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It is the same thing with the f15c.

honestly I don’t mind having a new gripen, more the better. Now I can get one solely purposed in CAS and one for air superiority. The problem, as you said, is that gripen a becomes a huge road block for fox3 missiles. Give the gripen a rb99 and gripen c nato ordinances (like maverick g and guided bomb on middle pylon). In that way there is a proper reason for grinding the c variant without forcing new players to go through an almost identical variant without fox 3 at 12.7.

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It does make sense cause the C should be higher, it has 2 more pylons than the A, it can carry 6 Amraams, unlike the A which can only carry 4


That’s the Gripen E you’re speaking about.

No, it’s really not, the Gripen E has more than that, and has the ability for double missile pylons, unlike the C, you are in the wrong