Surplus Research Point(RP) Distribution is Buggy - You Are LOSING RP when you are spading your stock plane!

I will not get tired until everyone realizes how current system is buggy and makes you lose experience when you are stock, makes the game even more grindy. I will start with basic definitions

SURPLUS RP: When you research a modification or a plane, imagine you only need last 500 RP for currently selected modification/plane. You win a fight and earn 800 RP. Once you are there to see the results of the game- you either survived until the end of the battle or you waited for battle result in hangar, game puts you on research/modification window. You spend 500 RP to complete your current selected research and the surplus 300 goes to whatever you select next. This is manual process and I will explain the bug caused by manual nature.


  1. You need 500 RP for Compressor modification. You need 1000 RP for Engine modification(you plan to select it next)
  2. You started Battle 1, had a good performance, but died before battle ended. You are in hangar.
  3. Result of Battle 1 won’t come until it ends.
  4. You are impatient, started battle 2 while you still selected Compressor and still need 500 RP.
  5. You had a similar performance, but this time battle was really long. So long that Battle 1 ended when you were inside Battle 2.
  6. In Battle 1, you earned 800 RP. In the background, game automatically completes Compressor in the background. 800 - 500 = 300 exp is surplus and you can’t transfer that 300 because you were in Battle 6. Battle 2 ended now. You are back to hangar. Before the Battle 2, you selected Compressor remember!
  7. Battle 2 results came, you earned 900 RP. You check the results and see the line Researching Progress: Compressor 500 RP.
  8. You can’t believe your eyes. Battle 1 completed the Compressor already, why is Battle 2 experience is spent on already completed Compressor?

Battle 1 had 800 RP. 500 Went to Compressor to complete. 300 Surplus RP is gone since you couldn’t select another research when Battle 1 ended.
Battle 2 had 900 RP. It spent 500 RP on already completed Compressor, so wasted 500 RP here. This time, you can use 900 - 500 = 400 RP since you completed fight properly. You won 1700 RP from both matches but only 900 RP went to real research, 800 RP you lost to this bug or design decision.

Modification selection just before entering battle matters. For example, you started battle with Compressor selected. You went into hangar early and tried to change that battle’s RP earning to G-Suit. It doesn’t matter, the RP you gained will try to go to Compressor first.

Second design decision is: If you are in another fight when older battle result comes, any surplus RP is gone to void, since you couldn’t select the next research in latter battle.

Air RB hurts most because you are allowed to have single plane so in total, you have only one research active. You can die really early, in first 10 minute for example but Air RB might as well take 25 minutes.

In the game modes where you can have multiple vehicle spawns and even respawn in same vehicle via backups, the risk is lower because you can see the end of battle by using all vehicles and obviously, more research in single battle means reduced risk.

This design decision hurts until rank 4 ends, where a single battle can potentially give you RP enough for 2 different modifications.

Please join me in informing Gaijin about this wrong design decision.

Well we know what causes problem. So the solution is easier. We want all RP we gained not to get lost. So, solution is not selecting Research first. Solution is like World of Tanks. You gain RP first, it is gathered in the pool and when you are in hangar, you select a research to complete if you have enough. If you don’t have enough RP, unused RP is gathered in the “to be used” pool. This way, you will never lose RP becuase you were in an active battle when older results came.

In this website, please click to it affects me option.


Or play a different vehicle while you wait for your 1st game to end if u believe that you got enough rp from that game to complete the modification , I know its pretty dumb it works that way I figured its not a bug considering how obvious it is and more to extend your grind if you do not notice such things…

Yeah, game wants us to grind but also punishes us for doing exactly that. But sometimes you have short time to grind some plane out and want to be done with it. I don’t want to enter another Air RB and leave it once first one has ended. I don’t want to feel stuck in other Air RB also, when I want to spade some plane in short time.

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very useful bug to be aware of. honestly I had felt I was losing RP at times but never dug to deep into it

it’s not going to be super obvious to everyone and defo seems like a bug. your research is just disappearing for no good reason.

If there was a RP gain reduction like ten percent for all vehicles, there would be community outrage. But when this weird decision/bug causes you to lose, let’s say 20% experience reduction during spading, no one bats an eye. And when spading, imagine you are entering the next fight without Engine Injection upgrade thanks to this bug, it will cumulatively affect your spading speed.

It will be added after your next battle is complete. People always think this is a bug but its just a delay.

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Its not a bug. It hust gets added to the next completed battles module research

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haha, tell me you didn’t read without saying you didn’t read.

I did read. And my point remains. You dont lose rp

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Your point doesn’t have a proof and result of wishful thinking. Back to back matches. First one ended when I was in second match. In result 690 RP coming from second match is lost forever.

It wont show in the post battle results, those are just for the battle.

My aim is not convincing the people who are too afraid of admitting they knew wrong. Sorry for ignoring your “defense” despite my evidence from now on. My aim is informing newer people on how to get around of this design decision/bug with minimum loss. Thanks for serving my purpose.

There is actually a report going about about the lost RP from quitting matches early to go to the next… This could be in line with that…

Can you give me a name of the topic or even a link so I can add my input? Because this is not only about quitting a match early but in some game modes, you can either go hangar or watch whole match, like Air RB. Only one spawn game modes makes this problem more visible.

Ok mate. I been playing since closed beta and this has come up as a “bug” for most of that time but it isnt. It gets added after the next battle. Dont compare the post battle reports, compare the module research after the NEXT battle. You will have a suplus researched.

You actually admitted that you are quitting early and going onto the next…

But it is there… It’s in the tickets for the reports that have been lodged recently, and it was even reported on the old forums a few times too.

In air, if you die, you can’t respawn. It is not quitting per se, in the definition. I am not going to hangar instead of fighting. There really is no point waiting the end of the match in Air RB, if you are dead. Other than waiting squad mates if you have.

You’re quitting before the match tally comes up though so you aren’t getting that feedback which you would if you stuck around, and this leads to the idea that you’re not getting the reward because it’s not being shown directly to you.

This means it does link with the bug that I am referring because of that simple situation… You don’t trigger the tally, and it doesn’t shuiffle and ask what you want to research next…

Then explain me this. During second match, I can see the first match’s result(if it ends) if I check my mailbox ingame. First match results says 690 exp and it obviously completes that research since total RP is more than 690. Why does the second game result still put 690 RP again in the same research? So game knows first match ended but second match result is still putting RP to already completed research.

Dude, I already said it’s very likely to tie into the same bug that I’m referring to, and should be reported as thus.

You need to accumulate more evidence and fully show all your modules and info in your evidence to highlight how it’s not tallying up and showing.

I can’t tell you why something appears to bug, thing is that I can share my knowledge of knowing that this sort of issue, has been talked about and reported for a while… People just need to properly report things and draw good red rectangles and arrows to highlight what’s going on.