Surplus Research Point(RP) Distribution is Buggy - You Are LOSING RP when you are spading your stock plane!

Because your readoung post battle reports which wont show you the correct information. Look at your actual module research after the next battle.

You went into battle 1 researching module ‘a’ so the post battle shows that module. You went into battle 2 still researching module ‘a’ so thats what was listed on the report (its a flaw in the battle report system). If you go into battle 3 researching module ‘b’ now the “lost” rp will be added to module b reseach (wont show in the battle report).

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Ok, I misunderstood you as thinking you are claiming there is no RP loss. But there definitely is RP loss. I will put screenshots here, then to that bug’s ticket. Sorry.

I used clean(no research) B-18A for testing.
Before Match:

TEST BATTLE 1: Entered with Fuselage Repair selected(cost is 300). Bombed two bases, quit the match quickly.
Earned 1022 RP

TEST BATTLE 2: Entered with Fuselage Repair, before first match ended.
Earned 1051 RP

After second match ended and I waited inside, game gave me the results of the second match. And I put all the research points first in tier 1 upgrades, then tier 2 upgrades.

Total RP: 1022+ 1051 = 2073
RP used in Research = 4 x 300 + 450(Compressor) + 123(half researched Airframe) = 1773
As I expected 300 RP(cost of Fuselage Repair) is lost because of this bug/design decision.

Repeating myself: I earned 2073 total RP, but game only let me put 1773 RP into actual research, because of the reasons I mentioned in the first post. I logged out and in, waited 15 minutes. This is NOT a result screen bug. This is an actual bug that makes you lose RP.


Dude do ANOTHER battle with a new module being researched

Doing another module doesn’t change the fact this is a bug. It doesn’t mean the bug I described isn’t there. Why are you trying to detract this topic? Starting the second battle with another module solves the issue, so is waiting until your match ends.

MY BUG description is clear. You lose RP if you join two battle in quick succession with the same research. With the scenario I described, it is GONE. forever. Going to third battle with a new research doesn’t bring my 300 RP back btw.

You are talking about one of the get-around solution and saying this bug doesn’t exist. NO. This bug exists but there are vague ways to get around it. These are tangential issues.

It is like someone saying “password manager sometimes forgets my passwords, so I copy them into notebook. Therefore password manager works correctly.”

And remember that your main point still is “It is a result screen error”. NO, as I disproved: result screen is accurate. Game really tries to put multiple 300 RP into same research and it fails. RP is lost forever.

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No your ignoring every post i made. You arent losing it. It will go onto the next module you research. You are “losing” it in this situation because both battles were on the same module. But next battle researching another module it will be added.

As i said the system adds the rp to the module your researching when you start the battle, hense why bith post battle reports show the same module.

Loss is loss. Whether I selected same research or not doesn’t change the fact that the RP I earned is lost because game can not keep track of total RP gained. I gained total 2073, only 1773 went into research. I don’t have to use get-around ways to this bug. BUG exists. You are saying since antibiotics exist, flu disease doesn’t exist. Logical fallacy at best.
By the next battle, do you mean I should do one more third battle to correct this bug? Or do you mean second battle as next battle?

You get it after researching the next module, its not lost

In your situation you need to do a third battle with a new module researching so it has a place to put the rp. Its waiting for another battle to allocate it.

Tried it, after 3rd battle

I earned 164 RP for new 7 mm Mgs turret. There is no trace of that lost 300 RP.

This is a bug. 300 RP is gone. Forever. Do I have to try anymore to convince you? It doesn’t wait for another battle to correct itself.

do you have a picture of how much rp is in the turret?. as i already said the post battle report wont show it so you have to do the maths of the module research done but your not showing that

I intended to show how much RP is there with that screenshot but it was a bit short. I will post it after my current battle ends. But it is exactly 164 RP, you can infer by the filling percentage. Also, if that 300 RP was added, I would have 464 RP for turret and it would be unlocked. Note: Second line of upgrades are all 450 RP.

It is good footage, keep amassing it.

This is more of what is needed. The engagement and tracking of that RP change and where it’s going is important.

Thanks. I also opened issue in the proper website of War thunder but saw ocean of “one line” bug reports that discouraged me about whether they would even see my report.

You can easily keep track of it if you grind a new plane and note down the Rp you have on the next plane you are researching.

the Rp for modules and for the new Plane should be identical unlöess you use a lower/higher Rank vehicle or one with aditional bonuses.
So if you use a Rank 5 Figher, needing 120k RP to research all mods, to research a Rank 5 bomber you should have 120k RP on the bomber by the time you spade the fighter.
Usually I am at around 150 to 200k RP on vehcile research once spading… So you loose staggering amounts of RP if you are just grinding battle after battle.

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Yea, don’t fret on those one liners… Such a bad look to have them still there. If I were a moderator of that report section, I’d be slapping people silly for lack of actual effort in those reports and closing them within 3 days if the OP didn’t respond to clean it up.

Just so chaotic in there.

I updated the screenshot. It is 164/450. Sadly, that 300 RP is gone forever.

In this website, please click to it affects me option if you want to support me.

With this, I can only report it if I also notice it, which I actually don’t because I just spam matches :)

The better the structure of your report, with the information you put out in good manners, you’ll get more engagement.

I will keep that one bookmarked though just to check it out every so often.

You can do it in a quick Air RB matches in reserve planes if you have some untouched lines :)