Summer Sale Mistake

Man, imagine if people posted constructive criticism instead of talking childish crap…

100%, this is just another reason to not renew my premium account when it ends lol.

Yeah because the constructive criticism always gets through to Gaijin 😂

I may buy 3 vehicles regardless, the CEV, Tu-1 and Mustang. I have quite a lot of GE vehicles on my list still, like the 2S38 and Ho-Ri Prot. What about those?

Yes , because I have invented this short story , this has not really happened , has it ?
Do you want me to say it as constructive criticism?
dear gaijin , honestly , you can not say that you are going to report everything and the next day open a new forum without reporting before , so you do not make peace with angry players , and now you announce summer discounts without high tier , bad gaijin marketing , win over the players , do not stretch the rope so much , a happy player spends money .
Is it like that?

I planned on buying multiple rank 7 jets and rank 6 vehicles, but wont be spending anything now.

It’s good, used to be much better before when it had a 6.0BR, I think they also nerfed it’s shell a while ago but it’s still ok. I use it to do my TD tasks. I would buy it when on discount though.

You said it well: “a happy player spends money”. A happy customer spends money and a happy customer is more likely to spend money in the future. Keeping the customers happy is really a thing. And really, why the opposite is applied here is beyond my comprehension.


Yes, I will keep the GE from the Packs and wait.

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That is the way. 😉

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Please use this topic to discuss Summer Sale

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