Summer Sale 2023 Rank VI and VII packs

Hello all!

As you might have noticed, Summer Sale 2023 doesnt offer rank VI and VII discounts.
I have decided to create a poll so that we can vocalize and visualize our want for it.

  • Add rank VI and VII to Summer Sale 2023
  • Dont add rank VI and VII to Summer Sale 2023

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Thank you for your participiation!


Wait a little, maybe sales for rank VI and VII coming later.

And if its for most recent vehicles, they dont concerned for the moment.


Sort of a dumb poll, who would be against the sale?

I wont buy any, but I am for the sale…


I created a poll just to show some simple data on the decision not to include rank VI and VII. I think its fine to assume most want this change me included.


Nope, Stona outright said there will be no rank 6 nor 7 sales because, and I quote, “We had a sale in May”


Ha! Well, there are no ranks VI and VII in these sales. Become for next in november (and the GJ aniversary).


Last year we had same scenario, -50% on 6 rank i may and June, only this year they changed it so , saying by STONA - gaijin worker that we had a sale in may is actually without respect to us


Well, there’s very little for me to buy, again. Only the Des Moines and the M728 CEV (and the starter packs). Same in May. It looks like I’ll be going a year without spending money in WT.
Too bad, I was looking forward to spending money after the very positive changes that Gajin is doing.


People that don’t want to see the matchmaker flooded like usual with premiums which have a high likelihood of no lineup (ground battles) and dubious experience level.

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I’m going to have to disagree with you chief on this one. The Victory in Europe sale was just a month and few days ago. I’m glad Gaijin actually is taking this approach. Having an excuse to put x & y rank on sale, is just a recipe for disaster encouraging under developed players to make an impulse purchase for a Rank and BR they’re not ready for and ultimately making it a terrible experience for other players and themselves. You can see numerically specific Premium BR winrates drop drastically around sale times. I’m glad gaijin is offering sales for vehicles for players that might be guilty of skipping a few learning opportunities but isn’t going to ruin the experience for everyone. If you’re really dreading the fact a premium you really want isn’t on sale. Well, anniversary sale is in November, it’ll go on sale then. Take the money you were going to spend and take your mother out to dinner or something.


Rank VII Jets haven’t been on sale before.


The thing is, for us that bought in the 10 year anniversary, there’s been barely anything on sale since then.
That’s a whole year with nothing to buy on sale.
And I’m not spending 70€ on a tier 7 plane.


They would’ve been in this sale since it’s been 2 major updates since their release

I was looking forward to buying the f-4s even though it might not be on sale. Seeing no rank 6 or 7 premiums just makes it worse as I could’ve at least bought the tram

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Yea, i would’ve gotten multiple, oh well i guess i can save the money, actually now i might even spend money elsewhere, distracting me from war thunder

Usually takes a while for new vehicles to go on sale the Turms was exact same. It’s common knowledge that there’s only one big sale a year and that’s their birthday. Two mid sales VE and New Year.

How much they paying you to support this sale?

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Okay your reasoning is fine to hear and I dont object it. Thats why the poll is here, to see with votes what playerbase wants on some scale.

Please use this topic to discuss Summer Sale

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