Sukhoi Su-27UB

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Hello, anyone think the Su-27UB should be added to the game? BR 12.7 (VIII)
Operators Russia and East Germany?
Sukhoi Su-27UB - Ukraine - Air Force | Aviation Photo #6909143 ...

What’s new for this jet? With R77?

The variant for the Su-35 for the future

just, why? why germany should get a su27?

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They have MiG-29s and Su-22s, MiG-23, Su-22s

this is not a valid reason for germany to receive the su27, they never had the su27 irl


Yea, give the Su-27 to the US since they operated them.

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then why does US have the bf-109 and the Fw-109?

Captured aircraft…

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us doesnt need a su27, again, not a valid reason, why tf would the US need a su27 when it has many options for the future?

the only threat to the US now is the r27er missile because both the mig29 and the su27 are horrible in terms of flight performance, the f16s and f15s are better than both su27 and mig29, the r27er is a threat only because ppl still dont know how to fly low.


Well, usually a nation operating a vehicle in some fashion is grounds for that nation getting that vehicle. I mentioned it for the fun of pointing out that the US has flown the SU-27 and that it would be fun to see it added to the US tree.

The US has more claim to the SU-27UB than East Germany. Not only did they actually possess one, but more US pilots have probably flown them than East Germans ever did.

yeah true, but necessity is a point to be considered too…it would be fun, sure, but US doesnt actually need a su27

I didn’t say it did.

Yeah US shouldnt get a Su27 they have more unfair vehicles like the F14A and B

Technically nothing.

Yes give the US the demo version that had no radar or cannon :)

Su-27UB would be a premium at best. Other, better two seater Flankers exist. Su-30M being the next most likely one.

Niether of the Su-27s from Belarus had radars or cannons?

Su-27UB it’s a just trainer version of Su-27 with a bit worse flight performance, what’s point of adding that plane?

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Why go with the unarmed version when the US can always get the Ukrainian ones they flew with in Clear Sky 2018 ;)

It cant… they dont exist anymore :)