New issues for teamkill

I suggest that we can have a new mechanism.
If someone teamkill a guy in Air RB, then the teamkill player need the forgive given by the victim player.
Without the forgive, the teamkill guy will be forced to j out and be locked for 8 mins before the next battle.
Right now, team kill can be seen almost in every battle, and the teamkill guy almost don’t have to pay anything but the silver lions, which can be quickly earned by another game. What’s more, the victim guy can do few things to pay back.
I’m very angry about those purposeful teamkill.

this… this is already exactly a thing that exists…

Well they do punish them with subtracting about -23,000 silver lions anyway

I think for those who enjoy purposeful kill guys, only silver lions fine is not enough.

I think that’s not enough for those who always teamkill and enjoy it. At least “eye for eye”.

it isn’t enough, but you can report them and they can get banned. there already is a system in place for that.

Actually, that need much time. And most of time, the victim will not or forget to report them. Before gaijin ban them, they have teamkill a lot guys.

Is it really works? Being kicked should be added.

You might consider to contribute here:

And yes, team kills are extremely annoying and the current punishments are not effective - otherwise you would not see team kills almost every match.