Suggestions for adjusting the weight of heavy tanks such as 279 and m4e2 (75mm)

Weight adjustment: Although the 279 is the last generation heavy tank to roll down as a feature in the game, weighting it to 9.0 will lose the characteristic purpose of heavy tanks in the game. The 279’s full caliber ammunition is difficult to deal with vehicles of 9.3 and above, and lacks laser rangefinders to attack long-range targets and target precision weaknesses. Similarly, adjusting the m4e2 to 5.7 will lose some armor and weak artillery, The vehicle will lose its purpose of existence, and 279 can be used as 8.7 to observe the performance for a certain period of time, or equipped with sub caliber ammunition APDS for adjustment, which can maintain the vehicle’s characteristics to the maximum extent before making game weight adjustments.