Suggestion: remove the ground RB nuke because it is unrealistic

  • Yes remove the nuke from realistic mode
  • No keep it in realistic mode even if it’s not
  • Just want to see the results

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The nuke really poses a problem in a game mode that aims to be realistic (as close as possible), and this on several points, let me explain.
1- It is too simple to obtain, in fact I finish 75% of my games at 2400 sp or more and at the moment 50% of my games end with a nuke either in my team or in the opponent
2- Since when is it realistic to launch a nuclear bomb on allies?
3- 3/4 of the time the siren has been bugged for several months already, it is therefore impossible to be able to prepare to take an interceptor or a DCA because we do not have the information
4- Still in a mode that aims to be realistic, why do nations that do not have atomic weapons IRL have the capacity to have them in play (example Italy, Sweden, Japan, etc.)?
5- Number of bad players (ULQ, spawncampers, and other toxic people) are the main winners, this therefore encourages these toxic behaviors and which degrades the gameplay

To conclude, why not have a system of this kind in arcade, it can be understood and is adapted to this game mode but not in reality mode, she has absolutely nothing to do in this mode, just as she does not has no place in a simulator. It’s an arcade gimmick that has no place in realistic and gaijin should consider removing it or making it much more difficult to obtain !


ok. some people do not seem to realize that this is a game, a free one, at that, and you know people who buy free games are most likely casual gamers, yes? this idea is stupid.


Tactical nukes exist, it’s realistic.

And you use them against allies? and Japan or Italy also use them? I think you should find out: only two were used and never against allies

Geneva suggestion. ;)


let me ask you, why do you think there is a simulator mode and a realistic mode?

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I return the question to you, in your opinion why is there an arcade mode for this type of system?

Arcade is for those who want a fast paced game without needing to know the weakspots of tanks in able to kill them. realistic is more of Realistic-Arcade, its for the casual gamer one could say, its combines sim like elements with a more fast paced shooter. and finally sim, the gamemode for those who truly want to play in a Simulation without the arcadey feel, you need to know much more to play sim then you do realistic and arcade, due to the different play styles of every game mode.

Yeah and tanks always have infantry with them


next patch, tanks have barrel droop from sitting in the sun in hanger to long.


No simu is a dead gamemode, most of the players want to play realistic because they don’t play for hours to afford to wait 15 minutes to find a game. The nuke has nothing to do realistically, it was the worst mistake with the addition of the drones but which are finally balanced not like the nuke much too simple to obtain

And the panther just breaks down when you’ve used it for too long


Then how am i able to find matches whenever i want to play?

if the nukes were so easy to obtain why dont i see people get them every match?

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Today I played 6 games, 4 ended in nuke, yesterday I played around twenty games, 65% ended in nuke, 75% of my games I finished at more than 2500 spawn points but I’m not bringing the nuke back because I find this thing stupid

I couldn’t tell you, I always have a queue of at least 15 minutes



within the last week i have played 30 ground matches, 3 ended in nukes. i do not see the problem, and if these nuke matches are really happening, do you have any proof or are these made up claims?

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I have all the proof yes, and you know what’s more, they are all made public, it’s magical.
And it’s only been a few weeks since there has been this resurgence of nuke everywhere, I don’t know if gaijin has changed the way of calculating SP scores but there has obviously been a notable change, not to mention that 'there is no more siren sound


there is always a brief siren sound, but it no longer repeats.

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Take all the replay servers of all the players who come out, look one by one and you will see at once the number of games ending in a nuke. Afterwards, if you are lazy, maybe someone would be able to create an algorithm that can identify the number of nuke prizes awarded per day