Suggestion for TeamKill Punishment

Recently team-killing behavious has been largely increased, pretty much I see team kill every 1-4 match, this should not be ignored anymore, now it’s time to get things right.

My main opinion is TK punishment is wayyyy too little to prevent someone doing it, you just loose some SL after a team kill and you still get RP, or sometime if you scored high enough, you can even have positive SL as result.

In higher BR, the current main motivation for team kill is scramble bases, and kill who kill for scrameble bases, once this happen, a team lose 2 member at least. Nobody want to see this happen, not only victim himself, but also most of other teammates.

So here is my Suggestion:
To save the game environment from toxic behavious, We need to build a punishment mechanic that is harsh enough and still be relatively humane.

–The punishment itself should hit harder, for example, not only take SL away, but also take RP away. Team killer should get about -4000 or -8000 RP for a team kill, that will defeat pretty much all his gain from 1 match, or probably even a bit more than that, if a player team kill 3-5 times in a roll, he will lose like 30-40k rp, that will reverse his progress on tech tree. That will totally defeat the kind of mindset like “I kill this teammate to scure a base, I just loose some SL but still get RP, I don’t care that I still get grinding my tech tree”

–Player should have an option to choose forgive or not, sometime a teamkill is not on purpose, so the team killer does not deserve a severe punish, player should be able to cancel the punishment for team killer. We can give victim 30secs, during 30s he can change his vote, after 30s his option go into effect. 30s also provide a chance for teamkiller to explain and have a possibility to be forgiven.On the other hand, we must also have an option to not forgive team killer and actually get him punished, victim press the button to unforgive the teamkiller, teamkiller lose SL and get RP reverse.

–Teamkill behaviours should have different level of punishment, and set up a certain period of time to reset the punishment level. Let’s say we setup the cycle for a month, during one month, 1st team kill get SL fine and RP reverse as the most basic punishment, 3rd TK we add 1 day ban beyond the basic punishment, 5th TK get 7 day ban, 7 Team kills in a single month you get banned forever, but give it one more chance to talk to MOD and restore his account, then if he team kill more than 3 in a month, he actually get banned forever. After month, who have not been banned more than 7 days get the teamkill count reset, who get 7day ban go back to previous level.


there is, I think that if the guy auto-apologize when you press the T (radio) it forgive. Anyway a better system is needed

According to punishment I think could be easier, 3 tk (not forgiven) in 24 hs just temp ban a day ?

Are you insane? Not all team kills are deliberate, but are the result of strange behaviour from missiles and/or teammates.

You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve fired an Aim-7 or Aim-9 at an opponent who then drops chaff/flairs, the missile then gets confused and looks for a new target and hits it.

Or when the so-called victim positions himself between you and the enemy while you’re firing with the guns because he’s in the mood for a kill. Or after you have fired a missile and its afterburner is very flavourful for your missile.

Or in Groundforces, when you want to fight an opponent with artillery and super-intelligent (/s) players drive into the barrage with their light tanks

Stupid idea

What about if that guy is already researched every things?

You might want to contribute here:

In addition i am not sure if you have any clue how many teamkills happen in all game modes - and due to various reasons.

Asking for harder punishment is ok for me, but have in mind that some players commit that they teamkill for educational purposes since 2014, Ground RB and Top Tier jet Air RB see a lot of “unintended” team kills and the way too high threshold for gaijin’s “auto-ban system” tp punish team kills are another reason.

In case you want to create an “official” suggestion - be aware that even not working IFF systems have to be considered - and 7 team kills seem way too low for a perma ban - a reckless Ground RB player can get this in 2 matches, tzhx to FAB 5.000…

What if an enemy uses your teammate as a flare so your missile ends up teamkilling. You are saying i should get punished even more because of my teammate’s position and the enemy’s annoying move? If that’s the case i won’t have a tech tree done anymore

No. Just No. 40K!? fuck no. At that point, if someone accidentally TK’s not intentionally but another player flies in front of your gunfire you get penalized. That now-downed player on your team will blame you for their stupidity.

This suggestion you made also is being done in the General game discussion. Without a vote therefore it’s a discussion, not a suggestion.

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When 2 jets are chasing me, i often let the jet further behind me get a missile lock, then make the closer jet cross infront his missile’s line of sight causing a team kill.

I think bigger issue is jets collision teamkilling. We need a way to prevent this. Way more aggressive moderation on teamkilling, so the punishment for that action comes right after.

The problem is there aren’t a lot of good ways to effectively handle Team killing because people will abuse the system and it’s going to lead to people being annoyed on the forums, social media, etc.

As you stated, why should you be punished for using what tools are available to you? It isn’t your fault it was the enemy players who were blind to one another. Which honestly is still down to communication faults due to the lack of a translator.

1- No, RP should never be removed.
This punishes innocent players whose missiles end up going after someone that was once off-screen then passes in front of the missile.
That could also be abused by forcing teamkills.

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‘‘The problem is there aren’t a lot of good ways to effectively handle Team killing’’

Increase in moderation is all we need.

The issue is that increasing moderation means moderating those moderators from potentially abusing their powers. Another thing is it doesn’t reduce Tking at all. This is seriously why an in-game togglable translator and the ability to only have team chat rather than global chat would help decrease tking and lead to people being able to focus a bit more.

If teamkilling resulted in a near instant game ban, even temporary, people would not do it. And the people who would do it, would be banned which also would reduce it. It is more about the scare effect than punishment effect, of being actually banned.

‘‘moderating those moderators from potentially abusing their powers’’ This sounds overly biased, it seems like you are against moderation. Moderators can be contracted to work, it is not realistic to think that someone whose money depends on their job as moderator, would risk it for a pesky reason like abusing the video game moderation features.

An automatic translator would be useful, team chat is enabled by default. These would still not remove the people who want to crash into you on take off as they do it from boredom not whatever chat translator issues. Atleast majority of them.

Some people are very perfidious in what they do, they kill right in front of the base. All you need to do is take away his entire SL and XP reward for the first time, the problem is that if he TKs you when you use a large booster, because for example you bought it for gold, he robs you of real money, so after the battle the player should receive a message with a choice of how to punish the player who made a teamkill on him. Give 3 options:
1 Forgive
2 Teach him a lesson and take away his SL and XP reward from the battle
3 It was premeditated and he deserves a severe punishment, so randomly take away the rewards from his 10 best battles so that he doesn’t know when they will be taken away from him, but he gets information that they were taken away for teamkill.
If it is random from the high scores, he will never know when he will be taken away and will not be able to get around it, for example by artificially playing 10 battles just to die and get around the penalty.

Ok then what about those who fly into your shots in the heat of the moment and your ally rounds end up causing you to crash, cause you were diving too much? He instantly gets penalized and possibly permanently banned for something not in his control.

Or how about moments where you preparing to intercept an enemy who is tailing someone else, but the front aircraft drops a bomb, which kills you?

It isn’t as simple as you think it is.

You give the player that choice there almost always going to choose option 3. Why should i care what happens to them, they took a kill I wanted from me or could have been mine.

If option 3 happened and you play naval and let’s say you had numerous 200k SL earned games(it is possible without boosters with a premium ship). Imagine losing all that because an enemy makes your missile miss and hit a teammate. Millions instantly gone and you would blame the one who fired a missile. What if a teammate flew in front of you when you shot someone. Still lose millions because of it.

‘‘Ok then what about those who fly into your shots in the heat of the moment and your ally rounds end up causing you to crash, cause you were diving too much? He instantly gets penalized and possibly permanently banned for something not in his control.’’

I never called for instant automatic ban
I called for near instant moderator made reviewing. It would mean that accidents go unpunished.

A moderator shouldn’t always need to moderate 24/7 when administration, moderators have to moderate 24/7 then there is an issue. One of those being burnt outs.

Another thing sometimes moderators may not be able to figure out if it was intentional or not. Sometimes it just isn’t explicit.

‘‘A moderator shouldn’t always need to moderate 24/7’’
Understand that when there comes reports at a faster pace than when they are being handled, a moderator has to do their job full time which is why they can be hired in the first place. If you are burned out from a job then you should not be doing that job and should move onto another job.

‘‘Another thing sometimes moderators may not be able to figure out if it was intentional or not. Sometimes it just isn’t explicit.’’ And? If they don’t know wether it was intentional or not then they would go with not intentional. Either way they would be able to see the history of a player to see if it was a one time mistake or if he has been team killing continously like that.

I don’t understand why you are arguing when this is a thing that would benefit everyone. It seems you are arguing for the sake of arguing instead of looking at what is reasonable and what is not reasonable.