Suggestion for TeamKill Punishment

There human beings. They shouldn’t have to do it 24/7 yes you are correct they need to do there job however do also consider that its volunteer and i don’t believe that any of them are getting paid to do it. Though there might be a few but idk.

just set an increase of SL pr BR.


BR 1 5000
BR 2 10000
and so on.

if people suddenly was punished with a 50000 fine for being dumb and/or a hothead, people might think an extra time.

But Gaijin needs a far better system for forgiving before that

I never said that a human should do a moderation job 24/7. That is highly unreasonable. Volunteers should do it to best of their ability, people who are paid to do it should do it based on how much they signed up for. Simple as that. The whole workforce in total would provide 24/7 moderation which consists of tons of employees which would provide quick response times to any teamkilling.

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I never feel team killing is increased. Gaijin can check how it is. There is allies bombing situation to kill many enemy heavy tanks. It is better to maintain the current policy.

I don’t want to lose huge amount of SL nor RP due to some moron flying through my line of fire when I’m chasing an enemy aircraft, or driving in his light vehicle to a spot where I called for artillery. No, I really don’t need a harsh punishment for someone else’s fail…
If someone is teamkilling often, they already are picked up by the system.
Regarding the “moderation”:
With the daily amount of battles (and assumed TKs), it’s simply impossible to review them manually. That would require a whole army of trustworthy volunteers…

Sorry, I don’t have any fun being tked. But I guess you don’t really care to tk.
If your weapon has a chance to tk, don’t use it and if you use it and tk, then you should enjoy consequences

You can’t stop players from flying infront of your guns lmao. Or from driving into an arty strike. Accidents happen.

By your logic I just shouldn’t shoot anything, fire any missiles or use arty? Why should I be punished because my teammates are idiots?

Idiocy is allowed, tk also but punishable 😁

I would like to rather see that in air rb where the teamkilling is most frequent, much more so than in ground rb, the teamkiller just do not get any rp for the match. This way there is no motiv for rp and the punishment is still not too harsh. Ban is just too much as we all have killed teammates for one reason or another, but that does not mean this kind of behaviour should go unpunished. The rp punishment could also maybe be lifted if the player was forgiven.

That is why there should be an option to forgive and omit the punishment while the punishment itself should be harsh. I totally get what you say, but realistically, if you play normal, have you count how many team kill you or you friend done? I belive most people do it less than the number I suggested.

Btw I am sorry I did not state it clear, my suggestion is based on Air RB, not related to other game modes, these standards make no sense for ground or naval, but I do think it is reasonable for air rb.

Nothing happens then, btw from my observation, those who have done a entire tech tree or more barely do this kind of stuff, like I stated earlier, the biggest motivation for TK in Air RB is SL/RP gain, people kill teammate for gaining a kill or bomb a base, if a person have done the tech tree, motivation of TK will be other less common reasons like revenge for teammate or Racism, these movivations are much weaker than actual benefit, as the result, those people TK much less than High BR premium players.

after new update, I got TKed multiple times everyday, and all of these are out of pure malice or selfish , I got killed because I want to bomb a base and I am the one ahead, I got killed because I am chasing enemy but the guy behind me can’t just shoot a missile to get that kill , so he choose to kill me then get the enemy, I got team killed because my missile hit an enemy earlier than someone’s.

Everyone wants to get to top tier with the maximum efficiency, I get it, but it does not mean we should start to accept negative competition between teammates.